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Citrix Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2016
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Round 1 (Written Test)-

Online test conducted on HackerRank platform.Around 300 students appeared for this round. It consisted of 2 sections, each 1 hour long.
Section 1 consisted of 50 MCQs ranging from OOPS concepts,OS,Networking,Quant and Data Structures.
Section 2 consisted of 2 coding questions:

Q1. Given a number, you need to check whether any permutation of the number is divisible by 8 or not. Print Yes or No accordingly.
Eg.- I/P- 46. O/P- Yes. Since 64 is divisible by 8.
I/P- 345. O/P- No. Since neither of 345,354,435,453,534,543 is divisible by 8.

Q2. Given a matrix of 1s and 0s, rewrite the matrix such that it consists of distance matrix from the original positions of 1s.

Eg.- I/P: 0001
      O/P: 2110

Round 2 (Technical Interview: 45 mins)-

45 students were shortlisted for this round.

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and help him run through my resume. He then asked me if I liked coding which I answered in affirmative. He then asked me to code the following questions:

Q1. Given a n*n matrix, print the matrix in spiral form.

Q2. Given a binary tree, print the tree in spiral form.

Q3. Given a 2d array, print the maximum contiguous sum.

He asked me to dry run the codes and made sure that it all worked efficiently. Once he was satisfied with the codes, he shifted to Operating Systems.

What is a deadlock? How can you make sure that deadlock doesn’t occur? What is Banker’s algorithm? What is Reader-Writer problem?

He also asked me a couple of questions from Networking which I can’t recall.

Round 3 (Technical Interview: 40-45 mins)-

26 students were shortlisted for this round.

The interview began very casually with the interviewer asking me to tell him some special attractions about my hometown. After which, he moved to more important parts of my resume.
He asked me about my internships and also asked some questions related to that. Following which he asked me to briefly explain the academic project I had undertaken in my course.

He then asked me to code the following question: Given 2 arrays of fixed size 8 and 4 consisting of 4 integers each in the sorted order, merge the 2 arrays without using any extra memory. Initially I solved this question by starting from the front and shifting the elements accordingly. The interviewer then asked me to improve the complexity and even suggested to start from the back. I managed to solve it almost immediately once I got the hint.

He then shifted his attention to OS and Networking. What is TCP Three-Way Handshake? What happens when you enter a website on your browser(DNS Server)? What do you mean by synchronization? How do you overcome a deadlock state?

Round 4 (HR Interview 20-25 mins)-

The interviewer quickly ran through my results until this round and gave me a nice smile and said I had been doing good so far.
He began with the usual question, “Tell me about yourself?”

He then asked me why there was a drop in my CGPA from the 5th to the 6th semester. I had been dreading this question but managed to get past it.

He then asked me where I saw myself in the next 5 years. He then asked me if I had any plans of any Masters degree.

Finally, 13 students were selected and were given Job offers. Overall it was a nice experience.

Tips/Advices- MCQs are equally important as the coding questions. There are students who managed to qualify without solving any coding question while people who had solved 1 question lost out. They don’t always look for the correct answer but look for the approach and how does one think when given a challenge. Make sure to be thorough with your CV,especially projects and internship. Don’t write anything that you are not confident about, it leaves a bad impression if you aren’t able to answer questions related to it.
Interviewers are really friendly and make sure that you are comfortable.

Thank you Geeks for Geeks. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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