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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 14 (On Campus)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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First round Technical
1. Write a code for bubble sort.
2. What are the osi layers and explain them.
3. What are pointers.
4. A puzzle : We have two pits with capacities of 5 and 4. How will you measure 2 litres of water with these pots.
Soln: Fill 5 litre pot and pour the contents into four litre pot. So we are left with 1litre in 5 litre pot and 4 litres in 4 litre pot. Empty the contents of the four litre pot and pour the contents of 5 litre pot(1 litre) into 4 litre pot. Now again fill the 5 litre pot and pour the contents into the 4 litre pot until it becomes full. So now we have 3+1 lites in four litre pot and 5-3=2 litres in 5 litre pot.

Second round 
1. Given 9 dots how will u connect all these with just 4 lines without taking off your hand.

. . .
. . .
. . .

2. In a car race what will your position be if you overtake the last person. You cant overtake the last person unless it is a circular track.

Next Round

1. Questions about resume and projects.

2. Find the nth bit of a number.

Soln. given a number a;

Let b=1;

Shift b to the left n-1 times. b<<n-1


If c is true then the nth bit is 1 or else the nth bit is zero.

3. Given a 8 bit register with values ranging from 0-100. How much bits can be allocated for precision

4. Difference between void main(); and void main(void); –


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