Cisco Interview Experience | On-Campus

Round 1:-

The first round comprised of 1 coding question which was based on graph algorithm depth first search and few MCQs which had technical questions on computer networks,operating system ,data structure and aptitude(Practice from and

25 students were selected out of 200 students.

Round 2:-

This was an purely technical round(1 hr 30 minutes) and they asked me to explain all the seven layers of OSI Model in detail.I was also asked some practical questions like, If I have 4 devices in the network and I want to send my data from server to these devices then which data structure would be best for it.The answer for this question is queue.Also If my devices are turned off then how I would I know when to transfer my data.

They also asked me question on deadlock in network and how would I manage them.Also studying resume is more important because the main focus is what you know and what is the scope in which they can ask questions.So prepare your resume at your best!

Round 3:-

This was the managerial round and lasted 30 minutes where he assessed me on my team building skills.Following question were asked in this round:-

1)What Challenges have you faced till now and how did you overcome them?

2)What was the most difficult time for you in these past 3 years?

3)If you are given a project for implementation then which programming language would you choose java or python?

He asked me questions on my resume and asked more about my hobbies.

Round 4:-

This was the hr round and it lasted 5-10 minutes where they asked me about my plans for further education and if I was comfortable with relocation.

Tips:-Try to understand job details first and be ready with your technical skills that can play an important role for meeting job requirements.Try to convince them that you can learn anything fast and an enthusiastic learner forever.

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