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Cisco Interview Experience for Software Engineer 2021(Experienced)

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5 Programming Questions (easy to medium difficulty)

Technical Round 1:

  1. Check whether an array has duplicates
    • Wrote code on notepad using sets (n + extra memory)
    • Asked to do code review
    • Suggested using sort (nlogn + no extra memory if quicksort)
  2. Find result set from a list of strings where each string represents last names of CISCO employees and the condition to add is the last name shouldn’t contain initials
  3. Multithreading questions – including mutex and semaphores
  4. HashMap internals and TreeMap

Technical Round 2:

  1. Find the first pair of elements that add up to a given sum in an array
    • Wrote code on notepad. (used sets)
  2. Questions on REST
  3. Questions on how we can make the best use of third party tools and integrate them with our system
  4. Thread related programming type of questions
  5. Check whether 2 rectangles are overlapping.

Managerial HR:

  1. Usual questions like why would you join, what will you do in this situation, the technical problem faced and how you were able to solve, how will you bring up a new feature over an existing one.

Last Updated : 25 Mar, 2021
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