CISCO Interview Experience ( Experienced )

Applied through LinkedIn and got an interview invite to write a Hacker rank coding test. I was asked two questions, 1 is on chess pattern printing and other is array manipulation.

Got through the round and was interviewed in Cisco Bangalore campus.

Round 1: (Team Leader)The interviewer was very friendly and covered all the questions on C language and emphasized on bit manipulation, structures and pointers and algorithms(basic).

Round 2: (Team Leader) This round also same as the first round (covered all the questions on C language), got questions from the linked list(Reverse the single linked-list iteratively) and a puzzle question and a string question.

Round 3: This is a Hiring manager round here Resume comes to picture, asked about my previous company, what I did there and asked questions on pointers, Trees and algorithms. 

In every round HR questions been asked.


  • Prepare pointers and bit manipulation programs well.
  • Be honest in Interview, but give a try to every question.


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