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Cisco Interview Experience for Customer Success Specialist | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022

I am presently doing B.Tech in Electronics and communication Engineering (last sem). In 7th semester, month July, Cisco systems came to our campus offering 3 positions i.e, Associate engineer, Consulting Engineer and Customer Success Specialist. Candidates were allowed to appear for all three positions.

ROUND-1(Online HackerRank Exam): One important thing to note here is, right before the exam, students were supposed to select two positions in the order of priority they want to apply. It is very important step, so, be sure of the position you want to apply for as it cannot be changed later!


  • 25 MCQs – 1 Python question, 1 DBMS question, 6-7 Mathematical aptitude (speed, time, distance, probability, work-time, average etc) and remaining computer networking question (networking fundamentals, APIs, could computing, security fundamentals, etc. ).
  • 1 coding question – dictionary problem

I was able to solve almost 22-23 question properly from MCQ but, I was not able to solve the coding question. Due to this I was selected for interview for the Customer Success Specialist role, which was my second choice.

ROUND-2(INTERVIEW): The interview was held a day after HackerRank exam, starting 8 am and the whole interview process covered by 6 pm and results were declared the next day.

  1. Technical Round (50+min) there were two interviewers, they started by introducing themselves and proceeded to ask me to introduce myself. Next they started asking me questions from Computer networking, they asked basic questions to check how thorough knowledge I have on the subject. They also asked to explain the technical terms in layman language so even my grand ma can understand! Later, when they were satisfied with my answers, they proceeded to ask in depth questions on networking, security and asked me about plenty of protocols and what are their functions. They also asked basic question from Data Structure and Algorithm and a few managerial questions. Also, discussed my projects. Don’t lie and don’t answer random things, just be honest and confident.
  2. Managerial Round (45-50 min)– again there were two interviewers, they asked me to introduce myself and we had general conversation on everyday activities and my interest. We discussed about books which I have read in past, as I mentioned it in my hobbies. Later, they asked me general managerial questions like- how I will deal in a ‘specific situation’ in work place, where do I see myself, what I expect from the work, what I think about Cisco company, how will my friend describe me in one word, etc. We also discussed the projects which I have worked on. Lastly, they asked me if I have any questions for them (I will suggest to ask them something about your position or whatever doubts you have). This was the main round in which I felt like I will get selected as it went really well. TIP- Try to show them the good qualities you have and be honest, Don’t just copy-paste answers from internet.
  3. HR Round– I was the first one to be called for the interview it lasted only 10 minutes. TIP- Don’t interrupt HR unless the person asks you to answer, don’t open your mouth 🙂
    1. Introduce myself, my projects in brief and about my skill set
    2. HR told me about CTC and company policies
    3. Job location
    4. What I think about Cisco and why Cisco?
    5. Some general questions

Finally, next day by noon I got an email that I got selected!

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