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Ciena Interview experience | Set 1

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Round 1: It was telephonic interview for 1 hr. Following questions they asked..
1-> Tell me about your self.
2-> How ping command works.
3-> How DNS works. They gave one URL and again asked how DNS works.
4-> How trace route works.
5-> What is binary search tree and time complexity.

Round 2: They took this round over collabedit for 1 hr.
1-> They gave one digram 6 connected routers and assigned IP address on each routers . Then asked , create ip static table, about ping command and trace route command.
2-> Implement your own memset or memcpy function.
3-> Program to check If bit is set or not at particular position.

Round 3: This round was face to face around 1 hr 30 mnts.
1-> Asked  about BGP and routing table. Afterwards draw a diagram with 6 connected routers and autonomous numbers. They  asked about EBGP and IBGP . Difference between EBGP and IBGP. Difference between OSPF and BGP. Best path selection in BGP and OSPF. BGP attributes.
2-> Reverse a string in place.

Round 4: This round  was face to face for 1 hr around.
1-> How command line arguments works in C language. Write a program to take input from user and validate string with some given validation.
2-> Implement queue using two stacks.
3-> Binary search tree. Write program to search an element in BST.
4-> Count set bits in given number.
5-> Given integer number , write a program to return value of 1st block of memory value considering machine is little endian.
6->Write a program to check If machine is little endian or big endian.

Round 5: This round was also face to face for 1 hr around.
1-> find maximum number among four numbers without using conditional or bitwise operator.
2-> Write a program to find loop in linked list.
3-> Write a program to find intersection point of two linked list.
4-> Write a function to delete a node when passing only a node pointer to function.
5-> Write a program to toggle bit at given position.

Round 6: This was HR round for 30 minutes only.
They asked me about why do you want to leave previous company and why you interested in ciena.
After couple of weeks I got confirmation mail.

Thanks geeksforgeeks for preparing question. You can easily find all coding question in geeksforgeeks. For protocol you can google it.


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Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2017
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