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Chubb Business Services LLP Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021
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CHUBB Business Services India LLP is a company that took its stand in 2019. This company visited my campus in 2020 and the complete interview process was virtual. Like every company, this interview process had three rounds.

First Round (Coding Round): We were asked to sit for two hours HackerRank coding test which had three DataStructure questions to solve. These questions were of easy to medium difficulty. Some of these might include

  1. Program to Convert Hexadecimal format to Binary format.
  2. Rat In a Maze problem.
  3. Check for Balanced brackets in an expression.

Those who completed two full questions were shortlisted in this round.

Second Round (Technical HR): As it was virtual, we were asked to be on camera and have our laptops ready. This was a 30 minutes round(depends on the candidate but minimum 30 minutes). It was more like a discussion which included topics like:

  • Sorting methods
  • Traversing arrays and linked lists.
  • Difference between C and C++.
  • Why I chose to become an Engineer.

After 10 to 15 minutes, I was asked some questions in programming. Some of these are:

  • Adding two 10-digit numbers in C++. (My solution was to get both the 10-digit numbers as a string instead of integer data types and then process it by converting to a number and so on.) – Multiple questions were asked with the solution that I gave. 
  • They asked me if I was strong in Stack/Queue, and I was asked some medium to advance level questions on both(as I told them I’m familiar with both Stack and Queue).
  • The interviewers asked me some questions about the projects that I have done.

Third Round (Managerial Round): It was purely a technical discussion round. The interviewers had my resume and questions were at maximum from the projects that I have done. The interviewers asked me to share my screen and show a live demo of the projects that I have deployed. Questions in this round were based on the following topics:

  • Operating Systems.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Web Technologies (My area of interest).
  • Project-based questions.

The results came after a week, and I was selected and was asked to join the team immediately. Thank you for reading the post. Hope you might have gained some knowledge by reading it. Cheers!

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