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Java Collections Interview Questions are the most asked interview questions for a Java Developer. In JDK 1.2 “Collection Framework” was introduced that contains all the… Read More
Java Anonymous Proxy or JAP is a technique that allows users to use the internet secretly. In more technical terms, this means that without revealing… Read More
Java Debugger (JDB) is a command-line tool used by Java developers to debug Java code efficiently. It is a part of the Java Development Kit… Read More
The Spring framework is a widely-used open-source Java framework that provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for building enterprise applications. Its architecture is designed… Read More
Spring is a loosely coupled framework of java meaning all the objects are not dependent on each other and can be easily managed & modified.… Read More
In Hibernate, you can save images and other types of values as attributes of your entity classes using appropriate data types and mappings. To save… Read More
An Alert Dialog in Android is a small window that pops up on the screen to display important information, warnings, or confirmations to the user.… Read More
Pagination is the process of dividing a large set of data into smaller, more manageable chunks or pages for easier navigation and faster loading times.… Read More
Cascading is a feature in Hibernate, which is an object-relational mapping (ORM) tool used in Java to map Java classes to database tables. Cascading refers… Read More
Hibernate is a popular object-relational mapping (ORM) tool used in Java applications. It allows developers to map Java objects to database tables and perform CRUD… Read More
Caching in Hibernate refers to the technique of storing frequently accessed data in memory to improve the performance of an application that uses Hibernate as… Read More
Maven is a build automation tool that is used for java projects for various activities like dependency management, building the project, documentation, unit testing, etc… Read More
Static Fragment is a type of fragment that is defined in an XML layout file only. It is a part of the Activity and its… Read More
Dynamic Fragment is a type of fragment that is defined in an XML layout file and called using FragmentManager class. The FragmentManager class is responsible… Read More
Apache Kafka Producers are going to write data to topics and topics are made of partitions. Now the producers in Kafka will automatically know to… Read More

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