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In Excel, you must have seen an error message before filling up any application form, admission form, and many other forms. It asks us specific… Read More
Deleting blank columns and rows is a tedious task when you are working with a large set of data. And manual deletion is not even… Read More
Microsoft SQL Server Express is a feature-limited edition of Microsoft’s  SQL Server relational database management which is free to download, distribute, and use. It is… Read More
Many a time while working with Microsoft Excel or MS Excel or Excel, we came up with a situation where we have duplicate values in… Read More
In Excel, we can add different comma-separated numbers that are present in the same cell of an excel sheet. Look at the example below, there… Read More
An unreal engine is computer software made with the purpose of game development so it is a game engine. The development credit of this software… Read More
A nested ANOVA is a sort of ANOVA (“examination of fluctuation”) in which something like one component is settled inside another element. For instance, assume… Read More
Packet Tracer is computer software that is designed with the purpose of making network simulations to understand the networking and cyber security concepts in an… Read More
RAID is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk components into one or more logical units for the purpose of data redundancy,… Read More
In the Windows server, we need partition in order to protect our data and facilitate data management. The reason being our hard drives have only… Read More
Godot is computer software that is used for making 2D and 3D games for different operating systems. It is free and open-source software. It is… Read More
Microsoft To-do application is a generalized cloud services-based application that allows the users to create new tasks and important priorities in their life on this… Read More
Bullet points can be used very frequently in excel. MS Excel is all about numbers and to make our data more representable and user-friendly we… Read More
Pivot table is one of the most efficient tools in excel for data analysis. If you are using pivot tables frequently, then you will find… Read More
iCloud is the most premium and scalable cloud storage services provided by Apple Inc. It has more than 800 million users currently all over the… Read More

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