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Capgemini Virtual Hiring (New process) | 2021 Batch

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Pandemic has resulted campus hiring to go virtual and all major companies have the infrastructure ready.

Capgemini has introduced a new platform called the Exceller platform and the new hiring process as below:

1. Technical Assessment Pseudocode:

Most important round and major rejection happens here, this round comprises of C/C++  code snippets to find the output, find error in the given code, complete the pseudo code to get the o/p or write some logic, some technical MCQs on complexities, tree traversal,etc.

2. English Communication Test(MCQ based) :

FIB, complete the sentence, spelling errors, synonyms

3. Game based Aptitude Test(Fun if you can do things in time!):

This is the most interesting something which is quiet new for hiring. Here answering the question in minimum amount of time is crucial, it is easy and fun!

1. Grid Challenge- find symmetry, order of pattern that appeared before

2. Motion Challenge- Find path with minimum swaps to make the red ball reach the black hole

3. Switch Challenge- Given some figures(square, rectangle,circle) and funnel find the function of the funnel used. 

4. Digit Challenge- Eg. __ / __ + __  = 6

Numbers- {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}

Answer 1: 6 / 2 + 3 = 6

There are multiple answers but time taken to answer is important

Numbers are given from 1-9, with no repetition allowed fill in the blanks correctly

4. Behavioral Competency Profiling:

There is no elimination in this round and any is only to check your behaviour(used to check team, leadership qualities and profile) and we just have to to select level of bars for the given statement

5. Technical and HR Interview:

Introduction, BE project, C/CPP concepts, OOP concepts, some questions related to database and basic HR questions.

This time they have removed quantitative aptitude section so there is more chance of you getting placed so just solve the questions keeping in mind the time constraints.

Best of Luck!

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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