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Capgemini Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020-2021 (Virtual)

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, the placements were all virtual and the rounds were quite interactive and fun and took place on the AON cocubes platform

Round 1 (Pseudo-code, Verbal ability, and Game-Based): Almost 4000 students attended the first round and each section of the first round was an elimination round.

  1. The first section was a pseudo-code round and some data structure questions. Pseudo-codes were easy enough to crack it just had some logic that you had to follow. Data structures and algorithms included some average level questions about queues, stacks, and heaps. A basic level of knowledge will get you through.
  2. The students that cleared the pseudo-code round were to attempt the verbal ability section, this round may sound easy but many of my friends got eliminated in this round only. The questions were easy, but you needed to be calm to get through that’s it.
  3. The next round was Game-based aptitude, and most of the elimination happened in this round, the games were grid challenge similar to Sudoku, memorizing the dots that came on screen in which the level goes on increasing, and then there was a ball and brick game where you had to put the ball in the hole in minimum steps by moving the bricks and it levels also went on increasing. In all the games you were given a certain amount of time in which you had to solve as many problems as you could. For me, I found the grid challenge the most difficult.

After this, you will get a behavioral competency test which will is a non-elimination round and you will get t0 this round even if you got eliminated in the game aptitude round. 

Round 2 (Coding Round): This round was only for the Senior Analyst profile and people of CS and ECE who cleared the first round were allowed to take the test. Almost 350 students were shortlisted for this round and almost 450 were shortlisted in total from 4000. So the elimination was massive. The 100 students were only shortlisted for the Analyst profile and did not attempt the coding round.

The coding round had two questions, the questions were easy but a little tricky and the compiler was bad and I mean quite bad, it took 2-3 minutes for each compilation. My one question was to find divisibility by 7 in a range of numbers given only when the input was integer else output 0. Another question was to find factors of a number efficiently as time complexity was an issue. I solved and submitted both in 40 minutes and the total time allotted was 60 minutes, which was just enough considering the compiler.

Round 3 (Tech + HR Interview): From 350 to 128 students qualified for the interview process. 

The interview was an elimination as well, if you clear technical then only you will be going through HR. The interview was scheduled on a superset platform where we were given slots and accordingly we had to wait patiently in the panel for our turn.

My technical round was 20 minutes long. She started with an introduction and favorite subject and then asked about my recent project, I explained my project for almost 7-8 minutes, and she seemed impressed. Then she asked me the difference between java and python, some SQL queries, some questions about python like tuples, etc., and then she asked some hr questions like weaknesses and problems faced during projects.

I cleared the tech interview and then HR was a mere formality, it lasted for 10 minutes and the questions were told me about yourself, Do you have backlogs, Strengths, and weaknesses, Why Capgemini and feasibility with reallocations.

I received my results yesterday (7-12-2020), I was selected and delighted and wanted to share this wonderful experience with everybody. Out of 128 exactly 58 students were selected. It was a great competitive experience and so was the taste of success.

The only advice from me will be to stay focused and calm. 


Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2020
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