Capgemini Interview Experience 2018 (On-Campus for Full-Time)

Round 1: Capgemini visited IIT (ISM) Dhanbad in December 2018. All B.Tech/M.Tech branches were allowed having 60% and higher marks (no active backlog). No gap in education between classes 10th and 11th and maximum one year gap after 12th were allowed. The first round was online. It was divided into two tests- the first test  was aptitude(moderate- 45 minutes) and one essay writing. Aptitude test consisted of quantitative, verbal sections and comprehensions. Every student got a different topic for essay writing. Around 110 students were shortlisted out of 210 for next round.

Round 2: This was the technical round for the shortlisted  students after the  online test. There were total 25 MCQs consisted of pseudo code, Input/Output, Java and C++ OOPs. Total time was 30 minutes. 40 students were shortlisted out of 110 students for next round

Round 3: This was the technical interview round for the shortlisted  students after the  online test. The interviewer was SDE 2 at Capgemini. The interview started with ‘tell me about yourself’.
He asked me the following things:
– Which subject are you comfortable with?
I told him Operating System. He asked me bootup process of Operating System. Only one question was asked from Operating System.
– Name all sorting with time complexity?
I told him all sorting with time complexity. Then he asked me the working of merge sort and was asked to write
code of it.
– Design employee database of Capgemini?
He gave me 5 features for designing database like salary, address(current and permanent), date of joining, month
of salary payment and employee status(whether he is currently working or not). I explained him with the ER diagram and was asked to write schema (create table in SQL) of database. The interviewer seemed satisfied with my explanation.
– Find maximum marks and name of the student who obtained maximum marks in class?
Again SQL query. I explained him with table and writing SQL query. The interview seemed satisfied with my explanation.

The technical interview lasted for like 30-40 minutes.

HR Round: He asked me following questions:
– Tell me about yourself and family background.
– What do you do in free time?
– Hobby and Interests?

Result: 22 students were selected out 40 and I was one of them. Cheersss!

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