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CAD Full Form

  • Last Updated : 30 Apr, 2020

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and also known as Computer-Aided Drafting. To design the layout of physical components of manufactured products using Two Dimensional or Three Dimensional space or curves, surfaces, and solids. The first major innovation in CAD technology occurred in 1963 when Ivan Sutherland, for his Ph.D. thesis at MIT, created Sketchpad, a GUI-based (Graphical User Interface) to generate x-y plots.Another major event in the development of CAD was the founding of MCS (Manufacturing and Consulting Services, Inc.) in 1971 by P.J. Haranty, provided the CAD software ADAM (Automated Drafting And Machining).


CAD software for mechanical design uses vector-based graphics to depict the objects of traditional drafting. CAD (computer-aided design) software is used by architects, engineers, drafters, artists, and others to create precision drawings or technical illustrations.

Characteristics of CAD

  • Efficiency: An Efficient software is that which can use less resources to give a better output.
  • Simplicity: A software must be easy to understand, simple to use and must be user friendly.
  • Flexibility: The software must be able to integrate the design modification without much of difficulty.
  • Readability: This provides the capability within the software to help the user as and when required.
  • Portability: The software must have the capacity to get transferred from one system to other.
  • Recover ability: A Good software must be able to give warnings before getting crashed and must be able to recover.

Advantages of CAD

  • It produces very accurate designs, drawings can be created in 2D or 3D and rotated.
  • Designing Physical Objects in a Virtual Workspace.
  • Reuse and Easily Change Designs
  • It is flexible to organize drawing information.
  • Easier development of products and product management

Disadvantages of CAD

  • Software Complexity.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep.
  • Most popular CAD softwares are high priced for individuals.
  • Every new release of the CAD software, operator has to update their skills.
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