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SAS Full Form

Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2023
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SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. It is an integrated framework of software products created by SAS Inc. for progressed investigation, multivariate examination, trade insights, information administration, and prescient analytics. 


The advancement of SAS begun in 1966 and proceeded till 1976 when SAS Established was incorporated by Anthony Barr, James Goodnight, John Sall and, Jane T. Helwig. Within the 1980s and 1990s, SAS got to be more advanced with the addition of modern statistical strategies, extra components, and the presentation of JMP. It was further created when a point-and-click interface was included in form 9 in 2004, and a social media analytics item was included in 2010. 
SAS may be a powerful tool. It can peruse and get it any sort of information and can also access data from any sort of arrangement and software. By utilizing the if-then explanation, you’ll perform consistent operations in SAS. You’ll be able to run any articulation in SAS in a circle, step by step, and the program is executed exceptionally rapidly.

Characteristics of SAS

  • Solid Information Analysis Abilities:
    The first SAS include is that SAS Programming has an capacity of solid Information examination.The best portion around SAS is the inbuilt libraries. These contain all the vital bundles required for analyzing and announcing data.
  • SAS Studio:
    It is effectively available from any device with any web browser. There’s no client establishment required. All libraries and information records of the SAS program can be gotten to through any web browser.
  • Information Encryption Algorithms:
    SAS makes sure that security keeps up irrelevant of how we allow access. SAS/SECURE is a security highlight in SAS 9.4. We are able to encrypt SAS information on disks through different algorithms.
  • Support for various types of Data Format:
    SAS language has the capacity to studied information from any kind of record, from any arrange and indeed from records with lost data.
  • Management:
    SAS environment director alerts, screens and oversees the analytics environment. Extended Java Graphical client interface regulates SAS errands in SAS Administration Comfort.

Advantages of SAS

  • SAS is very simple to memorize sentence structure. It can be learned effortlessly without any programming expertise so that anybody can learn it.
  • SAS is strongly competent of taking care of large database very easily.
  • SAS may be a exceptionally comprehensible language. The method of debugging is exceptionally simple. It is simple to understand.
  • The organization of SAS keeps up appropriate checking, because it is like a total organization to analyze SAS. It has natural client support.
  • SAS software could be a essential device for numerous expansive scale companies. Company’s information is confidential here that’s why it could be a near source of companies.

Disadvantages of SAS

  • The cost of SAS software is one of its major drawback. We cannot utilize all its functions without a permit, which is exceptionally expensive.
  • There is more accessibility of R for advanced graphics. Its graphics presentation is much more striking and reliable than SAS. It features a more graphic plot, graph, and chart.
  • SAS is more procedural language than R. There are more lines of code in SAS than R. We can rapidly apply modern advancement such as statistical learning and machine learning in R in comparison to SAS.
  • SAS is a closed environment software, and it doesn’t support open source so, the calculation of SAS strategies isn’t for the utilize of public.
  • Text mining in R is free, but in SAS, it uses SAS Undertaking. Text mining implies extricating data from content. This is often utilized to decode a written code.

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