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C-DOT (Interview Experience for full time)
  • Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2019

C-DOT visited in our campus for full time role, post for Research Engineer and location given by company are Bangalore / Delhi.

General category: 7 CPI and above
SC/ST/PH/OBC category: 6 CPI and above
Age Criteria:
General category: Should not be more than 25 years
OBC category: Should not be more than 28 years
SC/ST/PH category: Should not be more than 30 years

Round 1:

Resume Based Shortlisting(Be careful makes your resume very attractive means add more projects and some technical knowledge(subject+Language))

Round 2: one interview only (Technical +HR) in front of panel of 2 person.

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What are u doing at this time(interview already  know i am doing  intern)
  3. How many student selected as a intern from your college(ask for only my company)
  4. Ans: I told him 
  5. Project 1 Discussion(Approx 25 min)
  6. Project 2 Discussion(Approx 7 min)
  7. Your favourite subject
  8. Ans: Algo, DS, CN, OS, DBMS
  9. Half duplex?
  10. full duplex?
  11. U also do android project (past or present)
  12. Ans: At time of I done it
  13. Remember something about android project
  14. Ans: yes but need revision
  15. What is Starvation(From OS subject)
  16. What is Critical Section(From OS subject)
  17. Basically I am student of computer science (interviewer ask me do u know about cryptography)
  18. Something known like as AES, DIffiHellman,
  19. Full form of AES
  20. What is HTTPS
  21. Write a code for removing duplicate form sorted array
  22. Encryption(related concept from my intern project)
  23. Ans: something told them about encryption
  24. solution of synchronization(From OS subject)

Suggestion: Don’t be nervous, be confident (Communication always define your attitude).

Best of Luck, Keep smile

Thank you


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