Broadridge Financial Solutions Interview Experience (On Campus)

Three Rounds Of Interview

1.Aptitude Test –  The online test consists of total 6 sections i,e quants, logical, puzzle, JAVA programming mcq, SQL  mcqs,and coding questions.

2 Coding Question were asked:

1.Array Manipulation(Easy)

2.Calculate sum of all numbers present in a string(Easy)

2.Technical Round – They were looking for a candidate having a good command over data strucures and algorithms and familier with CORE JAVA .They asked to explain the real time application of tree data structure.We had a brief discussion on the time complexiblity of linear,doubly and circular list.Lastly he asked to explain sorting algorithms(Insertion,Bubble,Merge and selection sort).

3.HR Round – The HR round was very casual as compared to other rounds. They are just trying to get to know more about yourself. 

Verdict – Selected

Thank You and All the Best!

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