Bridgei2i On Campus Interview Experience

Round 1:

Bridgei2i came to our campus during November 2018.Many students applied for it and I was one among them.The first round was held for 2 hours consisting of 5 sections.They were aptitude, statistics, logical reasoning, verbal and code snippets.They shortlisted six students and I was one among them.

Round 2:

The second round was a technical interview.I was asked questions on machine learning, basic  questions in AI.Then I was asked to write a query in SQL and I was asked questions in DBMS.Then I was asked to give the logic to find if a string is isogram or not.I was asked to give an optimized logic.This round lasted for 40 minutes.From this round they shortlisted three out of six.I was very happy that I was one among the three.

Round 3:

This was again a technical round.But it was a bit difficult than the previous one.I was asked questions on Deep Learning.The interviewer asked me about the various DL architectures, the number of layers in them etc.Since I have done projects in DL already, he asked me many questions from them.He gave me a scenario and asked how AI can be incorporated there.I answered everything in a proper way.The interviewer was impressed.He asked me learn more about all ML and DLmodels.The interview lasted for 45 minutes.They shortlisted only me from the three students.So I was very confident that I can crack it.


The final round was HR interview.The HR was very friendly.I was asked about the company.I answered it very well.She asked me my I wanted to work on AI and Data Analytics instead of going for some Software job.Then I was asked if it is okay for me to work in Bangalore.Then I was asked the usual HR questions.It lasted for 20 minutes.Finally, I got offer for  the role of Data Analyst.

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