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BNY Mellon Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2021
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Round1: Online coding round

This was an online coding round conducted on the Hackerrank platform and consisted of 4 questions.

  • Easy (30 marks): longest subarray which is first increasing and then decreasing Medium This question was based on implementation and some range queries. I solved this partially and could only pass 7 out of 15 test cases.
  • Medium(50 marks): This question was a variation of no. of islands.
  • Hard(100 marks): This question was a variation of 0-1 knapsack from dynamic programming.

A lot of students applied, only 12 were selected for further rounds. I solved easy,medium2, and hard with 100% test cases passed and medium1 with 7 out of 15 test cases passed. The approximate cut-off was 150 marks.

Round 2:This round mainly focused on data structures and algorithm skills. Their focus was mainly on accuracy and how your code works.

  • He asked me to verify the birthday paradox with code.
  • How to generate random numbers in c++ ??

5 students were selected for a further round.

Round 3:

  • This round was completely based on Object-Oriented skills and CS fundamentals.

Round 4:

  • This was actually an HR round. We had a general discussion on various topics such as how will you learn something which is not in your syllabus??
  • What will you do when your team is performing very poorly although having great members ??
  • He expected honest answers rather than ideal ones…
  • Then he asked some questions related to the operating system.

Finally, I was one of the 3 students selected for the internship.

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