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BNY Mellon Interview Experience for 6-month Internship ( 2020 Virtual )

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  • Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2021
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BNY Mellon 6-month internship off-campus experience

Round 1(3 hours Online Coding): The round held on HackerEarth platform named as Code Divas 2020 hiring contest held in October. It consists of 4 questions consisting of 100 marks of various levels.

For qualifying this round, one needs to solve more than 2.5 questions(pass more than 55% test cases).

  1. Tetris’ game to find the min number of moves to remove all elements from an array of 0s and 1s wherein each move you can select consecutive equal elements and remove them.
  2. Find the number of non-negative integers that are less than a given number N whose sum of digits is divisible by k
  3. Min adjacent Swaps needed to make array good (if A[2*i] =A[2*i+1]) or return -1 if impossible.
  4. Find the Kth good number (sum of digits is divisible by 5) greater than a given number N.

These questions were based mostly on digit DP and involved basic STL concepts.  

Suggestion: Practice questions on Codeforces, Leetcode, and keep your coding concepts clear as well as strong.

Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it in the first attempt.

Round 2 (60 min Technical): This round takes place as a Code-Pair round on HackerRank. The interviewer was very friendly and helpful. Firstly, he asked me to introduce myself and a small discussion on my Resume. He asked 3 programming questions each of easy, medium, and tough levels.

  1. To swap 0 and 5 without the use of any condition, loop, or extra space (answer-> 5-Input number)
  2. To find the duplicate element in an array of size n with elements from 1 to n-1.
  3. Print all the possible permutations of a string (will not contain duplicate alphabets)

All these codes were made to run on custom test cases.

In the end, he also asked me a puzzle on my approach to finding the defective ball (of lighter weight) from a group of 8 balls of similar weights with the help of a physical balance using minimum turns on it.

Round 3 (4 hours Code Kata Round): This round was more of a learning based interview round and then applying those concepts to solve the given problem. Senior leader, developers and managers of the company hosted this code-kata session to make all the participants familiar with Java Eclipse Collections. In the session, we were given a detailed lesson highlighting all necessary java packages and then solved 3 pet kata exercise during the session. Based on the same we were given some time to solve 2 more exercises and then mail them the solution file.

By this they wanted to test our learning capability. After shortlisting based on our solutions, they informed us about the further round of interviews.

Round 4 (45 min Bar Raiser Round+ Managerial): A senior leader of the company will take the interview for this round. He elaborated on BNY Mellon’s work culture, motive, and his role at the company. Then we discussed the projects on my resume. A detailed discussion on my fields of interest.- the technologies which I have worked on and would like to in the future.

He asked about problems faced in doing projects technologically wise and managing wisely too.

Then he asked some typical HR situation-based questions. Like how will I tackle a dispute among my team members while working on a group project, where do I want to see myself after 5 years and how do I fit for the role and my expectations from BNY.

This concludes my interview experience, and I was offered a 6-month virtual SDE internship commencing from Jan 2021.

P.S: The procedure took almost 2 months, so be patient and confident for the interviews. Each round was an elimination round.

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