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BlueOptima Interview Experience for Graduate Software Engineer

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2021

Round 1: Online Test on HackerEarth having 20 technical aptitude questions and two coding questions. aptitude mainly had java related coding and theory questions and in coding.

  1. Escape from Grid(
  2. Chocolate Distribution(

Round 2: 48 Students got qualified for this round, this was a 30 mins quick interview.

OOPS- Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation.

  1. Inheritance VS polymorphism.
  2. Types of polymorphism.
  3. overloading vs overriding.
  4. function on both.

Question on the ternary operator


  1. Indexing
  3. Normalisation vs denormalisation
  4. Sharding
  5. SQL queries todo.
  6. What to do when DB can handle only 100 votes but 1000 are coming from a bank.

Explain the internship.


  1. Stacks vs Queues.
  2. explain Binary Search, time complexity.
  3. Merge sort- nlogn divide and conquer.
  4. Recursion- Explain, base cases.

Round 3: Work Sample was given in this round so basically, it was a production level problem, and 5 days were given to solve, document, and submit the code, and teams were made of 2-3 people in the teams.

Round 4: Work Sample discussion so our team got called for this round. 

  1. Explain the approach for the problem statement, Scopes of improvements for the project.
  2. Why Javascript, How can project can handle the multiple inputs, JAVA vs JS, any online tool that does the same job.
  3. What is NoSQL, what does DB offer(ACID), why is a web application, what is a web app which works on mobile- responsive.
  4. Individual contributions, any questions (can we change the role), more questions on the storage of files.
  5. code-related question on async js, promises, set timeout, how to fix it, use of the global array.
  6. optimization, performance, handling huge data, getting out the right data.


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