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Barclays Internship Interview Experience

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Barclays visited our college for the internship offers during the 5th semester. The eligibility criteria for appearing for Barclays Internship was >=6 CGPA and the branches eligible were CS and IT.

Round 1(Online Round): Online Round consisted of aptitude questions with easy-medium difficulty. 

  • It also consisted of MCQs based on Data Structures, Computer networks, Database Management System. 
  • It further had two coding questions. 
  • Few students got selected for the next rounds.

Round 2(Technical Round): Initially, I was asked to introduce myself. Then the questions were majorly based on my resume. The interviewer asked various questions based on my projects. The questions were similar to the ones mentioned below: 

  • If you had to do the project now, how better could you make it? 
  • What are the future improvements the project needs and how do you plan to solve them? 
  • Some questions based on the technology used: why did u use that particular technology and how did it benefit your project? etc.
  • Some further questions were based on Database Management Systems. Few were on DSA: quick sort, etc.
  • I was further asked if I had any questions. This round goes about for 45 mins odd.

Round 3(HR Round): It was quite an easy round. 

  • The questions were asked based mainly on how you would react to various situations presented to you. 
  • I would suggest you one to read about Barclays Values (RISES) and answer the questions keeping in mind those values. 
  • This was a pretty quick round taking about 15-20 mins max.
  • Only 10 students were selected and I was one of them. I hope this article helps you and you secure an internship as well!


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Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2021
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