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Bank of America (BA Continuum) Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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Bank of America visited our campus in the month of December 2020, for the role of Senior Tech Associate for a full-time offer. There were 3 rounds this time and there was a slight difference in the recruitment process as this time the first round was a video interview round with 2 coding questions. Anybody having good knowledge of Java and SQL can easily crack this interview.

Round 1 (Video Interview) :

  1. This was a video interview question where you have to record your answer. Tell me about yourself and also explain your training and technical background.
  2. This was a coding question that was easy. Given a string, you have to make every alternative character as uppercase and ignore the character which is not a letter or if it is a blank space.  Example Input: I am a boy who has 3 siblings. Output: I aM a BoY wHo HaS 3 sIbLiNgS.
  3. This was also a coding question which was easy. Checking for balanced brackets in an expression.
  4. This was a video interview question. Explain the logic behind your 2nd coding question. (Just explain about the time complexity and the data structure used and the logic behind your code.)
  5. This was a video interview question. How can you be an asset to Bank of America? (Attend the pre-placement talk carefully and just note down the technologies which the company is working upon and this can be useful for your F2F technical interviews also.)

Round 2 (First Technical Interview F2F) :

Out of 450 around 300 people qualified for this round. In this round, the interviewer mainly focused on Java, DBMS, and SQL.

  • Tell me about yourself.

Java Questions:

  • Explain about OOPS concepts. (Explained all the OOPS concepts with real-life examples)
  • What is a constructor?
  • Is constructor overloading allowed in java? (Yes)
  • What are the names of methods to access private variables? (Get and set methods)
  • What is inheritance

DBMS Questions:

  • What is primary, foreign, and candidate key?
  • Explain all the joins in DBMS?
  • ACID properties

SQL Query Questions:

Coding Questions: Then he asked me 1 coding question. Given a string print the duplicate letters in that string. 

Then he told me to explain one of my projects which was in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and did some cross-questioning related to it.

Do you have any questions? (Ask any question just don’t reply no.)

Round 3 (Second Technical Interview F2F):

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Explain the OOPS concepts in detail.
  • What is the interface?
  • Why does java not support multiple inheritances through classes?
  • Explain all the joins in detail.
  • Difference between SQL and NO SQL.
  • I had one project in the domain of DBMS using SQL, So he started asking in-depth questions related to it.
  • How will you retrieve values of the 2nd table using the 1st table?(Inner Join)
  • Have you used Indexing in your project?
  • Explain all the types of Indexing in DBMS.
  • How can you improve your project to meet industry requirements.
  • Then he gave me a puzzle.
  • Do you know anything about investment banking? (You should know the basics of how a bank works and also gain some knowledge about the values of Bank of America and what work does it mainly focus upon.)
  • Do you have any questions? (Ask any question just don’t reply no.)

So I explained all the questions in detail and confidently, and he was quite satisfied with my answers.

So about 70 students were selected from my campus, and I was one of them. My advice to you would be that you should be in the position to justify any point mentioned in your resume. Even if you don’t know any answer then just say that you don’t know it but will definitely try to learn it after the interview. Just be confident and have faith in yourself. The placement season is not that easy and you need to keep on trying and just don’t lose hope and keep revising the core subjects like OS, DBMS, and JAVA. You will learn a lot during your placement season. Just don’t repeat your mistakes.


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Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2020
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