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Avionics Software
  • Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2020
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Avionics software is embedded software with legally mandated safety and reliability concerns used in avionics. These software are highly used in the aviation industry, where there is high need of accuracy and safety, any mishandling can lead to huge destructive effects.

Avionic software and conventional embedded software differ the development process as in avionic software development is required by law and is optimized for safety whereas other software may not be too much dependent in law. Low-level programming knowledge of programming (writing driver code, interacting with devices , etc.) and software are very useful for learning avionics software.

In avionics software actual standards are often far more detailed and they are even more rigorous than commercial standards and other embedded systems, usually described with hundreds of pages in documents. It mainly runs on a real time operating system.

Features of Aviation Software :
Features of Aviation software are:

  • Working of airline website i.e., supporting online ticket sales
  • Adequate fuel indicator for airline and fuel providers
  • Online ticket and cashier systems
  • Flight scheduling and dispatch, pilot management
  • Maintaining record of customer(ex: contact, address,flight history)
  • Luggage, personal management
  • Flight attendant management and their scheduling
  • Warranty and low cost maintenance
  • Airplane material, parts ordering, inventory management
  • Engineering support for aircraft.
  • Management and full proof support of airline services
  • Revenue cycle management, cost and financial analysis.
  • Time management and utilization of unused airplanes.
  • Airport workforce and working schedule
  • Management and coordination of airports with airlines.

Best Aviation Software generally include :
CORRIDOR, SITA Horizon, ForeFlight,Awery ERP, Accelya , TRAXXALL, T-VEC Tabular Modeler (TTM), Amadeus Altea Suite, PROS, Airline Revenue Management system, AMOS and CAMP Systems.

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