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Aspiring Minds Interview Experience | Software Engineer

  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020

Position: Software Engineer
Location: Gurgaon

Online Assessment 1:
The test was conducted from home at AMCAT platform and it consisted of four sections:

  1. It consisted of basic english questions like usage of verbs, vocabulary
    based questions and comprehension passage.
  2. It consisted of quantitative aptitude questions from time and work, Percentages,
    Averages, Calendars, etc.
  3. This section was based on logical reasoning and consisted of questions from
    directions, number series, etc.
  4. This was a coding section in which we were allowed to code in various
    languages.There were two coding questions in this section.
    One was a basic level string based question and the other
    question was of medium difficulty.

Online Assessment 2:
Selected students were invited on-site.This was an online round and was conducted on-site
at AMACT platform.It consisted of two sections:

  1. One section consisted of simple computer fundamental questions.
    It consisted of basic questions from DS, Algorithms and C programming.
  2. Second section was purely based on machine learning concepts and algorithms.

Note :
Two positions were opened for the candidates.

  • The candidates who did extremely well in both the sections were selected for Research Engineer position.(20-30 students were selected)
  • The candidates who did moderately well in both the sections were selected for software engineer position.(100-150 students were selected)

Onsite Interview : I was selected for Software Engineer Position.There were 2 interview rounds to be conducted.
Round 1:

Round 2:

Note :
Areas to work upon while preparing for coding interviews:

  • Understand the question properly asked by the interviewer
  • Give various scenarios and the test cases and ask different
    questions in order to understand the question properly.
  • Ask the right questions to clarify your doubts.
  • Analyze the problem clearly and write various patterns on the paper
  • Try to find brute force solution first.
  • Then tell the optimised solution and try to tell the solution logically.
  • Also check for the edge cases while thinking about your solution.
  • NULL checks, overflows and also check test the boundary conditions
  • Practice on pen and paper.

Pro tip:
Keep a smile on your face while giving an interview 🙂 All the best!!!

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