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Artificial Intelligence(AI) Replacing Human Jobs

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  • Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2020

Artificial Intelligence(AI) takeover is a scenario where Artificial Intelligence dominates over the human workforce. The jobs that are done by skilled workers would be taken over by robots or computers. Concerns are arising due to AI taking over the workforce automation thus eradicating the need for human labor in industries. The traditional consensus among economists that technological progress would not cause any long term unemployment. However, the recent innovation in robotics and artificial intelligence has raised queries related to human labor becomes obsolete, thus leaving people in various sectors jobless, leading to economic crisis and recession. Many small scale and medium scale industries would be driven out if they are not able to adopt the latest robotics and AI technology and may need to focus on areas that cannot be replaced by machines.

Technologies That Would Take Over Human Workers

1. Computer Integrated Manufacturing: This is an approach where computers would control the entire production process. This integration would allow the exchange of information at various stages of production and accordingly initiate actions. Thus making manufacturing faster and least prone to error by integration of computers, thus making an automated process of manufacturing. This approach is implemented in the automotive, aviation, space and shipbuilding industries.

2. White-Collar Machines: In the 21st Century, various skilled based tasks like translation, a legal search, and software testing would be taken over by automated machines. Care Work, Entertainment, and other tasks that require human empathy would be performed by robots.

3. Automated Cars: An automated car is a vehicle that can sense the environment and navigate without any human input. Many such vehicles are being developed. An automated car is a self-driven car there would be a need for any human driver to drive it. Thus eradicating the use of manually operated car and to learn how to drive it. There would be complete eradication of driving-related jobs which would cause huge unemployment in society.

4. Drones: Drones are flying robots that are remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled planes in their embedded systems, working simultaneously with onboard sensors and GPS. Drones contain technological components like GPS, Flight Controller, GPS Module, Battery, Antenna, Receiver, Cameras, and Sensors. Drones can be used for various purposes like photography, movie shooting and delivery of products. If drones are brought in use in our day to day life then it would eradicate professions like photographers, delivery boy, and cinematographer from our society. Thus generating a large scale of unemployment.

Jobs That Are Already Taken Over By Machines

1. Check-out Cashier: Self-service checkouts are nearly found in every supermarket in the UK it hardly requires one or two operators to manage dozens of checkouts. Self-service checkouts are not only restricted to small shops but most of the supermarkets have full-time self-service checkouts with conveyor belt whereas others allow us to scan as we shop using a handheld scanner. Now a single person can monitor dozens of checkouts, to correct mistakes made by customers.

2. Railway Station Ticket Seller: Similar to cashiers, railway stations in developed countries like UK, USA, and Canada have now set up machines where passengers can buy and collect tickets. Hence the passenger can book tickets on his own. There is no need for any ticket counter where railway staff would be booking a ticket for passengers.

3. Factory Worker: There has been a fall in the number of workers in manufacturing because of technological progress. To increase productivity in market manufacturing enterprises have adopted robotic technologies. A factory in China has already replaced 90% of its human workers with robots, and this has resulted in fewer defects and an increase in production.

Artificial Intelligence has made significant technological progress in these days. It can benefit us in numerous ways. But still, possible risks and questions are arising in people’s minds whether it will take over human jobs. If it does so then it would create unemployment at a huge scale. Scientists and economists are also finding the answer to this question. But concerning time, AI will progress. Will it take over human jobs is still a mystery.

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