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Arcesium Interview Experience for On-Campus Internship 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2021
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Arcesium visited our campus (MNIT Jaipur) in the latter part of August 2020 offering a 2-month Summer Internship for 2021. Initially, there was shortlisting based on CGPA, 12th-grade percentage, and 10th-grade CGPA. 87 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 1 (Hackerrank Platform): The first round comprised of 15 MCQ questions of quantitative aptitude, 15 MCQ questions of Technical aptitude, and 2 coding questions.(Test duration – 80 minutes – 20 + 15 + 45). 

Quantitative aptitude and Technical aptitude problems were challenging especially due to the time limit for each section. It covered a variety of topics including probability, number theory as well as concepts of Object Orientated Programming and time complexity analysis. There was a negative marking of 25 percent.

Coding Questions:

  1. Given an infinite binary string 100000… For each subsequent day, the updated value at each index >= 1 is given by xor of the value of (i-1)th index and ith index on the previous day. We are provided with number n. We are required to find out, the decimal value of the binary string (up to (n+1) characters) on an nth day.
  2. A company has a certain number of corona tablets given in the input, and we are given an array representing a packet we could use. The packets are of different sizes. We are required to find out the maximum number of packets that can be used to package the tablets.


    size = 5
    array = [3, 2, 5]
    Output: 2
    Explanation: As we could use a packet of size 3 and a
    packet of size 2 to package 5 tablets.

15 students were shortlisted out of 87 students for further rounds.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): All the technical Interviews were held on Hackerrank code pair platform. There were 2 interviewers for this round.

  1. The interviewers asked me to introduce myself.
  2. They asked me about my projects. I told them about the functionality and inspiration for the projects in short.
  3. Coding question: Given a string, we are required to output all the sub-sequences of the string such that each sub-sequence is sorted.

    Example: I explained my intuition for the solution and coded the problem. They checked my code for edge cases such as empty string.

    Input: string = cab
    Output: "" a b c ab ac bc abc
  4. Coding question: Given an array, we are required to output the maximum sub-array sum of the array.
    Problem:” > link

    Example: I explained my intuition and coded the problem. They checked my code for cases like all 0’s, all negative numbers, and more.

    Input: array = [ 1,  2, -1 ]
    Output: 3

They asked me if I had any questions for them. I asked about the atmosphere inside the company.

Round 3 (Technical Interview):

  1. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself.
  2. He asked me about OOPS concepts in C++ as I was familiar with it. The discussion was detailed.
  3. He asked me to explain method overloading and method overriding through an example in c++.
  4. Concept of inheritance and the role of access specifiers during the creation of child class. I wrote a small example to explain it.
  5. He asked me about the virtual keyword in C++ and all its use cases. I was also asked to write a class to show its usage.
  6. He questioned if there is a virtual constructor in C++. I answered NO. Then, he asked me about the reason for it. Similarly, for virtual destructor.
  7. What is a Singleton class? Design a singleton class and explain the concepts regarding it. I told him about a singleton class and coded it in C++. He asked me about the copy constructor in a singleton class and how would it affect the singleton class.
  8. After the discussion on OOPS concepts, he gave me a puzzle to solve. I was not able to reach the optimum solution initially but did in the second try.

Finally, he asked whether I had questions for him. I asked about the domains in which the company works.

Round 4 (Technical Interview):

  1. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself.
  2. Then we had a discussion on projects. In one of the projects, he asked me the schema of the database used for that project. Also, to explain a particular functionality in the project.
  3. Coding Question: Given the numerator and denominator, we are required to output the division in the following format.
    • Case 1: If the division leads to a recurring decimal then output in the form – numerator/ denominator. (recurring part)


      Input: numerator = 81, denominator = 99
      Output: 0.(81)
      Explanation: As the division leads to 0.818181...
    • Case 2: If the division is non-recurring, then output the division.

      Example: I was able to give the logic and tried to code it, but was getting a few errors in the output. The interviewers pointed out some problems that could lead to the error and after reviewing the code again, I got the required output.

      Input: numerator = 3, denominator = 2
      Output: 1.5

He asked me if I had questions for him.

Round 5 (HR): The HR round was held on bluejeans platform.

  1. Introduce myself.
  2. She asked me about the projects, the inspiration, the execution phase, and the completion phase.
  3. She asked about the competitions I had participated in. Whether they were individual or team collaboration. She asked me to share the entire journey of the competitions. From the inspiration to the experience I had during the competition.
  4. How did I spend my time apart from academics and what got me interested in robotics (as I had done projects on it) and software development?
  5. What things I like about Arcesium.

Finally, if I had any questions for her. I asked about the work-life balance and prerequisite knowledge required.

Final Selection: Two students were selected for the internship. I was one of them 🙂

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