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Arcesium Interview Experience | Set 9 (On campus for Internship)

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Online Coding + Aptitude Test
Online coding and aptitude test on hacker rank.

The first round had 20 Aptitude MCQs (20 min) and 15 Technical MCQs (15 min) with +1 and -0.25 marking schemes. The MCQs covered topics the included – DSA, Operating Systems, C, C++, Java basics. After this, there were 2 coding questions (45 min). Minimum cut off was set for each section. One question was of the Game Theory and other was of Dynamic Programming.
Questions in The Coding Round: –

A and B play a game. They are given an array of positive numbers. Each player in his turn picks up 2 numbers from the array such that the difference of the numbers does not exist in the array. He then places the difference into the array too thus increase the array count by 1. Then the next player repeats the same process. The game continues till there are no 2 numbers such that difference does not exist in the array. The one who’s not able to choose numbers loses. If A starts the game and the game proceeds optimally, find who’ll win the game

Example : Input array : 2,5,3
A: 2,5,3,1
B: 2,5,3,1,4

A has no choice so B wins.

Given a string containing only lowercase alphabets, you have to convert it into a string such that it contains only vowels by doing minimum number of operations. In one operation, you could select a substring always starting from index 0, and move that substring forward or backward. Example of rolling forward or backward are given :
Rolling Forward
Input- axzf
Let index chosen be 0 to 3 and moving it forward
Output- byag
Rolling Backward
Input – axze
Let index chosen be 0 to 2 and moving it backwards
Output- zwyd

124 people were eligible to give the test. Only 12 were shortlisted for round 2.

Round 1(Technical Interview)

1.Describe yourself- talk about yourself for as long as you want. They want you to express yourself the most you can. Include your info, interest etc.
2. Puzzle- There is a table tennis knock out tournament. There will be n players. Singles match will be played. One has to find total number of matches to be played in terms of n.
For eg there are 6 players
In first round, there will be 3 matches
3 winners will proceed to next round
Among these 3 players any two can be selected according to a given criteria. So, in this round there will be one match. The winner of this game and the player left out in second round will go for finals.
So, in total 5 matches will be played.
Proceed this ques by discussing your approach with the interviewer. Don’t just sit idle and think. They will your approach rather than the final answer.

3. Meaning of extern keyword.
4. Meaning of static keyword.
5. Meaning of register (operating system).

Then they asked about my interest whether I like coding or database management.
I answered coding.
So, they further asked me about the type of coding I like: Competitive or data structures.
They’ll thoroughly verify whatever you speak in the interview.
For example, what have you done in competitive programming? The last competition you participated. The questions you solved. Every minor detail is inquired about. If you say data structures, then which data structure you are comfortable in.

6. Then they asked a sql query.
A student table was given which had Name and roll no as attributes.
Another table marks was given which had roll no and scores as attributes.
Write a query returning name of the student having maximum score.
(It used a subquery)

7 candidates got shortlisted for Round 3.

Round 2 : (Technical Interview)

1. Which language are you comfortable in?
2. A question on designing a class. I was given a company and it had to types of employees-managers and non-managers and they had an increase salary function but of different type. Design a class and explain various parameters related to inheritance, object construction, data hiding and encapsulation.
3. State the difference between procedure and a function in pl/sql.
4. What is a trigger.
5. Describe static keyword in java.
6. Sql query- A Table Employee is given

It had employee name, basic salary, salary component 2, salary component 3.
The total salary of an employee was the sum of all the three. Write an sql query to return the employee name with max sum of the given salary components.

7. What is a binary tree. What is Binary search tree. Draw it.
8. A binary tree is given. Write an algorithm to change it in such a way that every node contains sum of its both child nodes as well as itself.

      1.   4
Will change to
         1  4

9. Write an algorithm to detect loop in linked list.
10. What is virtual address space (OS).
11. Whenever you type in any of your browser,What are the various steps followed till loading of the page?
12. Then they asked me about my project related to database management system.
13. What is circular linked list?
How will you implement queue using circular linked list?
How will rear and front pointers be incremented after insertion/ deletion operations?

Round 3 (taken by another interviewer)

1. Where would you see yourself in the next 2 years
Asked about some personal details regarding parent’s profession and all.

2.Difference between HTTPS and HTTP.
How do companies make a connection secure?
What happens if it is not a secure connection and you proceed further.

3.Which place do you know well
I told my home town. Then they asked approximately what percentage of town’s population would be using Facebook at 1pm
They just wanted to see the approach I take.

4.Puzzle- there is a rectangular table
Two persons have large number of coins (large enough to completely fill the table). Each person keeps a coin alternately. The person who keeps the last coin filling the table wins the game. Design a strategy to ensure your win.

5. Supposing yourself as owner of a mobile charge shop, you need to provide discounts to customers who re-visit the shop. Thus, you have to maintain the list of phone numbers in an array. Find a way to optimize linear search such that it takes lesser time to find whether a person has visited the shop earlier or not.

6. Find the minimum and maximum element in a Binary Search Tree.

3 candidates out of 7 were shortlisted for round 4 of interview.

After all, only 1 student was selected for the internship at Hyderabad office.

The interview experience was quite good and they focused on all the core computer science subjects. Several questions that were asked are straightaway pull ups from Geeksforgeeks and thus going through Geeksforgeeks has helped me a lot to ace through the levels swiftly

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Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2017
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