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Amdocs Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2015

Round 1:

1.Quantative (16 ques in 16 min)
2.Reasoning(14 in 14 min).
3.English(18 in 16 min).
4.Coding(2 question in 45 min).

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(I)Print pattern(for N=4)


(II) Merge two array and sort them(can’t use inbuilt function) Take care of TLE.

5.Sql+dbms(10 question) +unix(10 q)+c+ds(10 quest) in 30 min.

—->16 Shortlisted

Round 2: Technical(1 hr)

1. What is inline function? Advantages of it.
2. Explain process state diagram.Explain degree of multiprogramming.
3. Tell me about fragmentation(told about internal as well as external). How external fragmentation can be prevented?
4. Entry control loop and Exit control loop.
5. What is an Abstract class?
6. What is pure Virtual function? Why we need it?
7. What makes a DBMS a RDBMS(told about E.F.Codd and 12 rules)
8. What is binary search tree? Insertion and deletion in BST(required codes).
9. Garbage collector in java and in c++.
10. Difference between calloc ,malloc and realloc.Why they are used?
11. Asked about new and delete operator in C++.
12. Asked about memory leak.
13. What is polymorphism?Explain types of it.
14. Difference between #include and #include “stdio.h”
15. What is encapsulation? Explain with an example.
16. What is the difference between overloading and overriding?
17. What is Stored procedure and triggers in sql and difference between the two.
18. How is Python better than any other language?What is the major advantages of it.(Project)
19. Explain your ongoing project. What is normal distribution? (Project)
20. Write code for the Insertion of a node into a circularly linked list?
21. What is Tower of Hanoi and how to solve it.
22. Draw a tree which is Perfect tree and another, Complete tree.
23. Behavioural Question: If in a team of 10, 6 employee do not work what will you do at your level?

Round 3:HR(15 min)

1. Where are you from?
2. What are your Goals in Life?
3. Tell me about your strength? Give me an example for the same.
4. Joining location:Pune or Gurgaon
5. Tell me about your Family background.
6. Why Amdocs?
7. What is Amdocs?

Total selects: 7

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