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Amdocs Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020

The company did a campus drive for the post of Software Engineer Associate. There were four rounds, an online test, psychometric test, technical interview, and an HR interview.

Round 1(Online Test): This round had five sections, and each section had a specific time limit. The first section was of aptitude, it had around 15 questions of work and time, speed and distance, etc. The second section was of verbal reasoning, it had 10 questions. The third section had about15 questions of PL/SQL and OS (UNIX). The fourth section was the coding section, it had 4 questions:

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Coding Questions:

  1. Find the next greatest number.
  2. A maximum number of wedges that a mouse can collect by moving from the right side of the block (M x N matrix) and then return to its side. The mouse can move any number of blocks forward but can take only two left turns and return to its side.
  3. SQL query using order, group by.
  4. SQL query using table alias, between operator.

The fifth section was programming language-specific. I had to choose between C/C++/Java/Python and then a set of 20 around questions was given.

Round 2 (Psychometric Test): A 15 minutes round to check the psychology of the candidates.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): This round started with a brief introduction. It was followed by an in-depth questioning round related to my projects. You must have complete knowledge of your project. 

Then, they asked me to solve two simple coding questions to check my coding skills. This was followed by questions from Unix, SQL, and Python.

  1. Write a shell script to display the names of the file that do not have your name in their filename.
  2. Write a shell script to display the names of the file that do not have your name in them.
  3. Write an optimized SQL query to find the name of the employee who has the fourth-highest salary (not using a nested query).
  4. Use of TOP, LIMIT commands in SQL.
  5. Difference between RANK and DENSE_RANK in SQL?
  6. Difference between finding and locate in UNIX?
  7. What is the use of netstat and tracert command?
  8. Difference between tuples and lists?

As I have mentioned MongoDB in my resume, they asked questions from it, also:

  1. How data is stored in NoSQL?
  2. What are the documents, collections?
  3. What is the CAP Theorem?

Round 4 (HR Round): A quick 10 minutes round, discussing why I want to join Amdocs, how many members are in my family, my career goals.


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