Amdocs Interview Experience

Round 1: Online test

  • MCQs related to SQL, Linux
  • Comprehension based questions (MCQs)
  • Aptitude and logical reasoning questions.
  • C/C++ MCQs
  • Program to find a cycle in a loop.

Round 2: F2F interview (technical)

  • Introduction about what I did in current company, my role, etc.
  • SDLC and its different phases. Phases in testing (not textbook answer, she wanted to know what I did)
  • Storage classes in C
  • Access specifiers
  • Write code to search key in Binary Search Tree (BST)
  • There are two files. One file contains (eid, erole) where each eid will have one erole only and other file contains (eid, eskills) where each eid can have multiple eskills. Use data structures and write code to read first and second file and give for each eid, eskills count and eskills. Write code using C++.
  • Repeat the same process in Bash scripting and SQL.
  • SQL query using UNION.
  • Pointers vs References in C++
  • Copy constructor vs assignment operator
  • Explain static keyword in C++
  • Questions about Vi editor – different modes, different ways to insert text.
  • How will you count all sub-directories within a directory in Linux.

Round 3: F2F interview (HR)

  • Why would I want to relocate to different city?
  • What is expected CTC?

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