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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 182 (For SDET 1)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2019
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Round 1: (Written Test)
1. Given a sorted array construct a Balanced Binary Search Tree.
2. Given a linked list, find whether linked list is palindrome or not without using any extra space.
3. Given set of strings find longest common prefix. If no common prefix present print null
Example: {abcd, abbd, abdy, az}
Answer: a

Round 2: (F2F – Problem Solving)
1. Given sorted array of unique elements. Find an element which is having value equal to its index.
Ans: 2
2. Given a brick of size 1 x 4, how many ways you can construct a wall of size N x 4
Round 3: (F2F – Data structures and Algorithms)
1. Give a binary tree, print all the nodes in spiral order with constant space
2. Give a binary tree and a light source fixed placed right side of the tree. Print all the nodes where the light directly falls.
Refer : Right View of a binary tree.

3. Merge two sorted linked lists without using extra space
Round 4: (Telephonic – Hiring Manager from Seatle – All Questions on Testing and Projects)
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Roles and responsibilities of your current role
3. How do you test a search box
4. Did you ever have a fight with developer over a defect? If you had how did you solved ?
5. Few behavioral questions

Round 5: (F2F – Test Automation and Testing)
1. Design an automation framework
2. Given a function InsertNode() which inserts a node to a linked list. Write all scenario’s to test the function.

Round 6: (F2F –Bar Raiser)
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Why Amazon
3. Hardest bug you found
4. Given an array of integers. Write a program to find interval with largest producing maximum sum. You should print sum as well as first and last index of the interval.
5. Your strengths
6. Your weakness

Useful sources for Technical Preparation:
1. GeeksForGeeks
2. Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy by NarasimhaKarumanchi
3. Data Strucutures videos by Prof Naveen Garg from IIT Delhi

Use Cracking the Coding Interview book by McDowell Lakmen for behavioral as well as technical questions.

1. Think loud in front of interviewer.
2. Never keep quiet during interview
3. Prepare well on the projects which you are currently working on.
4. Be honest in behavioral questions
The beautiful part of the entire interview process was in none of the interviewer looked at my resume.

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