Amazon interview Experience | Set 137 (Assessment test for SDE)

Coding questions:
1) Given two words, find if second word is the round rotation of first word.
For example: abc, cab
return 1
since cab is round rotation of abc

Example2: ab, aa
return -1
since aa is not round rotation for aa

2) Given two hexadecimal numbers find if they can be consecutive in gray code
For example: 10001000, 10001001
return 1
since they are successive in gray code

Example2: 10001000, 10011001
return -1
since they are not successive in gray code.

Aptitude questions:

1) Some based on finding relationships between given number/strings and find the missing one
Example: VTS: RPO :: AYX: ____

2) Paragraph reading and inferring information from it.

3) Facts provided and making a decision based on it.

4) Combinations possible based on facts provided.

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