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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 321 (Online Assessment)

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2017
Geek Week

Just completed Amazon’s online assessment that was given a week in advance to prepare for.

It consisted of two tests on:

  1. Code debugging (20 min)
  2. Reasoning (35 min multiple choice)

The first part were 6 questions. Each with a provided code where it asks you fix and make changes so it can compile/run correctly. Most of these problems were errors with syntax, parameters, operators, and others along the same lines. The second part were 24 questions on patterns, logic, and some others like concluding a given passage. Everything during the test is monitored and questions can be returned to if moved on. Before starting it gives the option of selecting a programming language from C, C++, or Java. For me I chose C. If you ever coded at a university in a beginner/intermediate computer science class, then you should have no problem getting through this. I just graduated last month so everything was fresh to me still. I reviewed several old homework assignments that helped out a lot with the basic understanding of algorithms and memory allocation. A lot of people told me to study from the “Cracking the Code Interview” by Gayle, which I vaguely looked over and found it did not help as much for this assessment, though it might for the next interview processes. The most difficult aspect for me was the limited amount of time, especially the first portion that requires you to read code line by line. I highly suggest you take your time to read the question once and carefully, then answer if you can and if you cannot then skip it and return if time permits. Other than that, I found it far simpler than what I had expected and overly prepared for. They said I will be contacted for the next interview step within a week.

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