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Amazon interview Experience | Set 130 (For SDET 1)

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I attended an interview with Amazon for SDET-I position, about a month back. I did not clear the interview, but I would like thank GeeksforGeeks for the great learning period before the interview. GeeksforGeeks helped a real lot in my interview preparation and in general, my understanding of data structures and algorithms got deeper and stronger. Thank you very much GeeksforGeeks and all your valuable contributors!

Here is my interview experience:

Telephonic 1:
1. Given an array and a number, check whether there are any 3 elements in the array which add up to the given number.
  For example:
     Given an array {1,2,3,4,5} and the number 9, return true, as 2,3,4 add up to 9.
     Given an array {1,2,3,4,5} and the number 3, return false, as there are no 3 elements which add up to 3, in the array.
2. Given a number, find the nearest perfect square(modified binary search)
  For example:
     Given 50, return 49
     Given 25, return 25

Telephonic 2:
1. Write a method to check whether two binary trees are mirrors of each other

2. Write a method to print the boundaries of a binary tree

F2F 1:
1. Fill an array with the next greater elements (using stack)

2. Given a binary tree, count the number of occurrences where there are two nodes with the same horizontal distance. To make it clearer, if we assume each node in a cell of a matrix, then count the number of occurrences when there is a collision of two nodes in the same cell.

Here the count is 1 because 5 and 6 occupy the same cell in the matrix

F2F 2:
1. Given a linked list, write a program to check if it is a palindrome
2. Write some test methods for stress testing of Furniture class
3. Some discussion on automation testing

F2F 3: (System automation design)

System: The user gives a book id to be downloaded and the location in which the book is to be stored. The system downloads the book (if it exists) in the location given by the user and returns a url through which the user can access the book.
I was asked to design automated test cases for the system. The interviewer kept adding more and more constraints to the system and we discussed about the pros and cons of my approach.

Hiring Manager:
1. Discussion about my current job role
2. Several behavioral and team fit questions
3. What are the things you will consider (both from Developer’s perspective and User perspective) while trying to develop an application for computer aided competitive examinations like CAT, GMAT etc.

Bar Raiser:

1. Given a singly linked list, write a recursive method to reverse every 3 nodes in the list.
I did not write a clean code for this. He moved on because of lack of time.
2. Again discussion of my current job role and about the projects I have worked on.
3. Tell me 3 things that you want to learn/change in yourself
4. Again several team fit questions.

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Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2018
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