Amazon Interview Experience (For Experience – 2.8 yrs) | SDE 1

Round 1:  Written

a. Given a Binary Tree, find the sum of all leaf nodes which are at the maximum depths in the tree.
b. Find all occurrences of a given word in a matrix of characters by traversing in all 8 directions (
c. Given an unsorted array, find a triplet, whose sum is K.
After this there were few design rounds for sde2 candidates, to which I didn’t appear.

Round 2: F2F

a. Given an unsorted array, find the Kth smallest element in the array.
b. Given a matrix, rotate by 90 degree anti-clockwise (inplace)

Round 3: F2F

a. Given a sorted doubly linkedlist, find triplets, whose sum is K (without extra space ofcourse)
b. Given 2 Binary Trees, check if one Binary Tree is a SubTree of the other

Round 4: F2F

a. Project specifics, with open source contributions(stackoverflow) discussions
b. given few scenarios, asked to figure out the approach to solve with few algorithms
c. Questions related to Amazon Leadership Principles (be prepared with real-time good examples in the past)

Round 5: F2F

a. Find two numbers in a BST, whose sum is K (using two pointers on the tree itself) (also asked if I can do without using stack i.e, Morris Traversal explanation only)
b. Given a Binary Tree, find the last level upto which the tree is a Full Binary Tree and return that level

(In all these rounds, working code was needed and it should cover all the edge cases)
(You have to speak out loud to make them understand your thought process)

Round 6: F2F 

HR Round (usual HR questions)

— contributed by Ashish Subudhi

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