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Interview Experience at Naggaro 2019 (3 yrs of Experience)

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There were total 5 Rounds . Round 1: First round was IQ test round. Where there were 50 questions to be solved within 12 min (No negative marking). The questions were easy. Round 2: This round was the coding round where 3 questions were given. If you solve any of one. you are Proceeded for second round.
Round 3: This round was an MCQ test of 4 hours, 240 questions to be covered in 240 minutes. My profile was for Reactjs. So it covers mcq questions of React, Javascript, HTML, Css. But it was also easy Round 4: This round was F2F Interview
  1. Tell me about JWT
  2. What is Virtual DOM
  3. State and Props in React
  4. Life cycle of React
  5. Question on “This” operator in js
  6. ES6 features (You need in depth knowledge how context is formed)
  7. How Hoisting works (For this you need to see how js gives memory to it’s variable)
  8. Question on SET operator in js
  9. What is context and scope in js
  10. Rest I didn’t Remember. But to clear f2f you should have architecture level knowledge of js and react
Round 5: It was HR Round. Finally I got Selected.  

Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2019
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