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Amadeus Labs Bangalore Interview Experience(On-Campus)

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019
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Amadeus Labs visited our campus in Aug 2019 for 2 profiles :
? Software Developer
? QA engineer
The recruitment process was as follows:
? Online test.
? 2 Tech Rounds and a HR Round.

ONLINE APTITUDE TEST: The aptitude test was conducted on SHL Platform and had 2 sections: Numerical Ability(18 questions in 25 mins) and Verbal Reasoning (19 questions in 30 mins). There was no negative marking.
1) Numerical Ability
For this section, we were allowed to use scientific calculators. It had questions on DI(data interpretation) which mainly consists of Bar graphs, Pie charts and tables. Makesure that you are fast with your calculations because time plays a crucial role as some questions were lengthy and required multiple computations. Overall the questions wereof medium difficulty level and a decent amount of practice can help you crack this section.
2) Verbal Reasoning
For this section, a small paragraph of about 5-7 lines was given and each question had 3 options: 1) True 2) False 3) Cannot Say. Understand the questions properly and do alittle bit of research on how to tackle such questions before appearing for the test.
Tips: Do not assume any information and strictly answer the questions based on what is given in the passage. Move on to the next question if you are not able to solve it.
Around 35 people gave the test and 2 were shortlisted for further rounds.

This round was based purely on technical knowledge and went on for about 45 minutes.
The interview began with a formal introduction. He then asked me to write a code to print prime numbers till 100. Next he asked me about all the searching and sorting algorithms I have studied in detail.
He then asked me about all the OOP concepts and told me to explain method overloading and overriding by writing a code based on real life example. Later, I was asked about the data structures that I know and difference between each of them, which data structure should be used when. I was asked to name my favourite subjects in each semester I have studied and what did I like about it the most.

Next he asked me 2 puzzles:

Lastly, I was also asked some HR questions in this interview like Why Amadeus, Why
should we hire you and what you bring on to the table, etc.

This round was purely based on resume and what projects I have done.
He asked me about the technologies used in the project, what was my role, why did we choose this as a project, which database was used, etc
This round went for about 35 mins.

HR Round:
The round started with my introduction. She asked my about my family background, what all certification courses I have done, my hobbies, why did I choose Engineering.

She then asked me about Why Amadeus and why should we hire you.
I was asked what recent article I read on technology and what are my views on it, since I told her that I am passionate about knowing the advancements in the technology.
She asked me about my plans for further education and whether I was willing to relocate to Bangalore.
This round went for about 30 mins.

Results were announced on the same day and finally 2 students were selected.

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