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Altiostar Networks Inc. Interview Experience for Software Developer
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2020

Round 1: First-round was basically focused on your problem-solving skills i.e. Data Structure and Algorithms.

So firstly they gave me a coding question which is basically on the tree that is based upon level order traversal. First, they asked me to write down the approach and then the interviewer told me to write the working code and also gave a dry run. 

For 2nd question, they asked me the approach for implementing stack using queue and the interviewer told me to write down the approach on a shared document. I was able to solve both questions. 

  1. Level Order Tree Traversal
  2. Implement Stack using Queues

Round 2: The 2nd round was mainly focused upon your C, C++, Linux, and Data Structures also(Not coding). So this round went for 1 hour 15 minutes. In this round, they start with the stack, Linked List (only basic implementation), and Sorting Algorithms with complexities and then after Operating system concepts and Networking Concepts.

For operating systems, the questions were mainly upon deadlock, Process Communication, Shared Memory, Semaphores, Synchronization. After the Operating System, they start with C and C++ in which they asked deep concepts of it. For e.g. How Hash Map internally implemented and then questions on input-output of structure and union, virtual functions, OOPS concepts, and constructors with code and examples.

For Linux, they asked me about memory management of Linux, some basic commands of Linux, and also apart from this they asked me about my Internship experience and projects in NOKIA.

Round 3: It was the director round, and he told me about the company what are projects, and what are things that are currently going on. Apart from this, he asked me basic concepts of networking like TCP/UDP and OSI layers. He also went into the concept of containers like a namespace.

Round 4: This round was the HR round. Some basic HR questions and I gave all the answers. 

After two days I got the result that I got selected and I was very happy.


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