Aerx Labs Interview Experience

I applied through Internshala.They  want a software Engineer intern.They shortlisted the candidates on the basis of their resume.I got selected and i got the call from HR for the first round .

Round 1:  First round was more subjective.They want to check your logical thinking and how much you are aware about OOPs concepts.There are  6 or 7 questions.There are 15 students present in the room for this round.

1.Write a program to print a pyramid pattern.

2.Write a program to check if a string is palindrome or not.

3.Write a program to remove a specific character once.

4.What do you about function pointers?

5.Write a brief on polymorphism?

6.Write a program to find a missing number in an array of 100 numbers?

Company provides 40 minutes for this interview and after that we have to submit.Company checked the test and only two students cleared the test and i was one of them.

Round 2: Second round was a mixture of technical and HR round.Interviewer’s were very nice and there was a general discussion about my place and my technical capabilities, then interviewer start asking the questions.Questions were like

1.Explain your pyramid pattern.

2.What is unique key and Foreign key?

3.What is Normalization?

4.How to pass object as a reference in OOPs?

5.What is virtual class?

6.What is object overloading?

There are few more questions, regarding OOPs….

Round 3:After one week later, I got the call from the HR that you have cleared the technical round.There was a HR round on the telephone.I was pretty nervous on the telephone because that was my first time.Then i got the call from HR.Hr was very friendly.She asked regarding my technical interview experience and regarding my education and Home.She told me regarding my job as a developer.Then she regarding my queries.I asked her about the company  and its’s scope.She told all the things in detail.

In the evening, I got the call that i was selected for the intern position.

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