Adobe Interview for Summer Internship 2019

I am going to share pinpointed details of my interview experience as they are fresh in my mind. So, It was a TELEPHONIC round. The interviewer first asked me basic interview questions like “Tell me about yourself”. Then he asked me to explain all my projects. I explained each of them. So he kept asking me questions related to my projects, concepts implemented etc. He asked me the ER diagram of a DBMS project that I had done. He also asked me what a foreign key is and what are the entities in my project. He asked me the importance of fuzzy logic(Project Specific). He asked me to implement a graph, stack. He asked me to find out the GCD of a number using for loop, while loop, recursive method. Later he asked me the definition of a Semaphore. In the end, he asked me to rate myself in Data Structures and Algorithms.


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