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Adobe Interview Experience for MTS-1 (1 Year Experienced)

Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2021
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Requested for a referral in Jan 2021 from a senior, got an interview call in April. 4 rounds in total. (2 on same day and next 2 in proceeding 2 days)

Round 1(Level- Easy): Two ds questions were asked:-

  2. Coin change dp 

I became pretty overconfident In second question as round was too easy, and made a small error in some line and wasted time, don’t do that :p

Round 2(Level-Medium): Three questions were asked

  1. Don’t remember the question exactly, but there were options to do that using heap or sorting, I preferred minHeap and in-depth discussion was done why not sorting. Interviewer was satisfied with the answer.
  2. Implement min heap, working code all edge cases included. (Your in-depth understanding of data structures is tested). Did the question using array implementation of heap.
  3. What will you do if your exposed API is unable to handle a user request that you found to be working while testing. (There is no right or wrong answer, interviewer just checks how you approach a problem). Although he didn’t seem quite convinced but his reaction was okayish.

Round 3(Level – Hard): Mixed type of round. Concepts of OOPS, why you prefer java, what is difference b/w java and C++, basic concepts of REST API, basic design related questions.

  1. A matrix of 0’s and 1’s is given, you have to find largest adjacent string of 1’s, you cannot traverse a cell more than once.  A pair of 1’s is adjacent if they are in immediate up, down, right or left cells.
    0 0 0 0 0
    0 0 1 0 0 
    1 1 1 0  0 
    0 0 1 1 0
    (not 6 as they are not 
    asking size of largest block!) 
    (2,0 -> 2,1 -> 2,2-> 3,2 -> 3,3)

    This question took a lot of time but I was able to do it, handling all edge cases.

  2. Basic chit chat about team and my work at current organisation and how I used machine learning and other features.

Round 4(DOE Round): This was a DOE round, his experience was almost 0.75 times my age. Started with my feedbacks on previous rounds, why you want to leave your current organisation, he told about the teams at Adobe and other general questions. Interviewer was cool, and wanted to know about me as a person.

  1. Design a coffee machine.

    Started by breaking down machine into internal working and external commands and then proceeded to make classes and API’s required. Although he stopped me in between as he just wanted to see my approach and seemed  to be satisfied. Do not rush into any question, take your time and try breaking design questions into simple parts.

Verdict: Received a call from HR after 2 days (They were like 2 years for me) and she told I am selected for the role!!!

Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for giving such a good platform.

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