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Adobe Interview Experience for CS1 (Noida June 2022)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2022

Technical Round 1 (1hrs)

Note: expected production-level code
DSA Round: Following questions were asked

Technical Round 2 (50mins)

  • Quick sort algo, time complexity avg, best case scenario.
  • Heap and heap sort (time complexity)


  • some code snippet-based questions which I could not remember.
  • some discussion on my projects.

Hiring Manager 1(1 hrs)

  • Design an iterator for BST


Note: 3rd Round’s feedback was average so they scheduled another HM round with a different team manager.

Hiring Manager 2 (1hrs 5 mins): I was not able to write down the Running code, I give the recursive solution and then optimized it to DP.(we had a discussion around 1hr only for this question)

Director Round (1 hrs):

  • Behavioral questions:
  • Introduction.
  • Work done and current role in my current company, a lot of discussions in my module.
  • Asked me which part you implemented by yourself in the last project.
  • What challenges you have faced.
  • what your manager will say about you.
  • How many members are in your team, what is your rank in your team. (You have to justify your answers)

Dutch National Flag Problem
Note: He asked me to write down running code on any ide of your choice, I have used leetcode ide.
Again some Behavioral questions.

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