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Adobe Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2021
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Adobe held on campus recruitment drive in my college for position of product intern (2 month) in august 2021.

There were overall 2 online rounds conducted:

  • Online coding round
  • Technical Interview

Round 1: Online Round hosted on Hackerrank (No Negative-Marking)

  • Duration: 120 mins
  • Eligibility: 7.0+ CGPA, CSE/IT/ECE students.

There were 6 sections in the test:

Section 1: Number of questions: 2,  Type: Coding questions

  • Easy problem based on sorting
  • There were given two arrays, in which one defines the height of the ith tower and the other shows its position on the x-axis, between two towers at each empty position one new tower can be constructed with condition its maximum height can only be 1 greater than the neighbor ones. Find the maximum height of the new tower that can be constructed. (Sorting, Greedy, Maths)

Section 2: Number of questions: 1, Type: Essay Writing

  • Write an essay of 250 words on your favorite project, defining its tech stacks, specialties that make it different, and what you like most in it.

Section 3: Number of questions: 4, Type: MCQ based on Statistics and Probability

  • 1 medium and 3 hard problems were asked

Section 4: Number of questions: 4, Type: MCQ based on Puzzle

  • 1 easy, 1 medium, and 2 hard puzzles were asked

Section 5: Number of questions: 4, Type: MCQ based on Pseudo Code

  • Java and Pythons pseudo-codes were given

Section 6: Number of questions: 4, Type: MCQ based on Technical

  • Problems were asked from OS, SQL, DBMS

Tips: All the MCQ problems were previous year Gate problems

Coding questions were based on Greedy and Sorting

Only 11 students were selected for the next round

Round 2 (Technical Interview) 40mins:

  • He asked me to Introduce myself.
  • Write a code for, given an array contain integer i have to return the count of no of pair of 3 integer which are able to make the triangle.
  • What is constructor and destuctor?
  • Destructor can be virtual? Give explanation.
  • What is swap memory?
  • What is normalization?

 finally 2 student were selected.

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