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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 27 (On-Campus for Internship)

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  • Round 1: Online Round 60 min.
    • 8-9 Questions where asked.
    • 6 Aptitude Questions: (1 point each)
    • 2 coding questions:( 2 points each) (only pseudocode)
      1. Given the ID, starting time and ending time of racers, Output the no. of racers whose starting time is greater and ending time is less than a racer.
      2. Given a BST output the rank of the element in that tree in less than O(n) time. The rank of an element is the index of element when all the elements of the tree are in sorted order. eg 4 5 6 7 8 ; rank of 5 is 1, rank of 4 is 0;
    • 1 Writing Question ( 3 points) Imagine that self-driving technology has been achieved. Describe the ecosystem surrounding such a world and what technological break-through do you think that would have evolved by that time.
    Around 15 students were shortlisted based on the Cumulative of the score in the first round and C.G.P.A
  • Round 2 (Telephonic Interview) 30 min.
    • First of all, he asked me to Introduce myself. Then he asked the configuration of my laptop.
    • Interviewer: A recursive function has no termination condition. What will happen when it runs.
    • Me: Stack overflow.
    • Interviewer: Given a simple recursive function which calls itself:
         eg: void f() {
      How long will it run in your laptop.
    • Me: I asked for certain assumptions. 1st: what stack space shall I assume?
    • Interviewer: Half of RAM.(4 GB)
    • Me: 2nd: I further assumed 4 bytes are required for addressing. time = (4 GB/ 4 Byte)/frequency; frequency-> processor speed (2.0 GHz) This is not an accurate solution… accuracy involves a lot other parameters. He was just checking my Approach that how I solve the problem. He further asked me about my favourite subject. I said Data Structures. He didn’t ask me even a single question related to data structures.
    • Interviewer: What other courses have you done,.. Have you done OS?
    • Me: yes. Then he asked to differentiate b/w Process and Threads. Further, he asked, Given an array of 1000 elements. Elements are multiplied in a for loop from 1 to thousand. Time of execution is x milliseconds. How will you reduce x? I thought a few mins .. didn’t make out anything… then he gave a hint: During the time program was running, CPU performance was 50%. Then I said use threads or fork to multiply first half in one thread and other half in another thread. Multiply the results from both the threads. He further asked: Which one is better, fork() of thread? I answered Threads.
    • Interviewer: There is a box and in that box, there are real numbers ranging from 1 to 10. What is the probability of getting 2 out of that box?
    • Ans: Firstly I answered 1/10 .. then he repeated the question … then I answered 0.
    • Interviewer: Does that mean we can’t ever get 2 when I take a number out of that box.
    • Me: I said no, we can get but its probability is tending to zero.. very low probability.
    • Interviewer: You have got 1 last minute. How will you explain the Internet in 1 minute?
    • I explained a bit then he asked Is there a central authority which runs the Internet? I said no. End of Interview.

Last Updated : 23 May, 2019
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