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A Freshers Guide To Programming

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Since the boom of the IT sector, computer science has become the key to the door of future evergrowing careers. Everyone knows it (You’re seriously living under a rock if you aren’t aware of this yet). With software so rooted in the functionality of society, it is one of the most desirable skills in the present scenario. Being able to invent and innovate is not what everybody can do. If you’re a fresher who is fascinated by computers, mobile applications, websites, etc. and is eager to learn different programming languages, keep reading on.



To develop critical thinking and learn how to code, GeeksforGeeks brings you various self-paced foundation courses that will help you learn the very basics as well as refine your skills as a beginner. All the courses are designed and curated to help you build a strong foundation. Our CEO Mr. Sandeep Jain has joined hands with other industry experts who have years of experience in the real world and they created these courses in such a way that you can learn these courses without seeking external help and that too at your own pace while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Let’s take a dive into the details of the courses offered by GeeksforGeeks:

1. JAVA Programming Foundation – Self Paced

One of the most popular programming languages, JAVA is known for its compatibility and versatility. It is fast, reliable, and secure, which makes it popular and most used by developers. In our “JAVA Programming Foundation (Self Paced)” course, we offer the basics of JAVA, data types of JAVA programming language, operators and flow control, loops, strings & more. 

With the best resources for learning JAVA concepts and questions to excel in your understanding, give yourself the right start by enrolling in this course at an affordable rate. 

2. Python Programming Foundation – Self Paced

Every programming student knows the hype of Python. It makes the web development process smooth as butter. From data science, and machine learning to designing games, Python is used in every field which makes it the most in-demand language, and also a good reason for you to start learning the basics of it from scratch. 

Our “Python Programming Foundation (Self Paced)” course offers you in-depth knowledge of Functions, Loops, Strings, and Lists, and how to solve coding problems efficiently. 

3. C Programming (Basic to Advanced) – Self Paced

The most prominent language in the computer world is the C Programming language. It’s known as the mother of programming language and is widely used in the world of computer science. You can learn this language in no time and if you want to advance in other programming languages, you need to learn the foundational programming language first. 

For any coder, developing problem-solving skills is a must. Every course comes with numerous coding problems to hardware the concepts into you. If you’re a CS fresher and wandering about where to start, don’t think and dive into this course which will open the gate to other advanced programming courses for you. 

If you’re confused about your programming career or which language to choose, these foundation courses can help you bring career clarity. 

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Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2023
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