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8 Important Business Skills For an IT Professional

Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020
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In the world of technology when there is a great demand for different IT professionals and time to time new IT positions are increasing similarly high level of skill sets are also required to get an IT job and to exist in the IT market. When someone thinks about Computer Science (CS) or Information Technology (IT) related job roles then obviously different technical skills come to mind first. But it is not the only true fact that only technical knowledge/skill plays a great role in getting a good IT job and holding that position for a long period of time.


Like technical skills, there exist some business skills which are equally responsible for an IT person to get his/her job and to hold his/her job and exist in the IT job market. Because as the business market is becoming so competitive so it is highly required to take your business through the competitions and to keep it ahead among others where employees have great role and contribution to an organization’s success. So in this article, we will discuss some important and essential business skills which are required for an IT professional/employee. So below some of the important business skills are explained.

While technical skills are used to develop quality products similarly some business skills are required irrespective of the working domain for the development of the organization. Business skills help in understanding consumer/clients’ behavior along with organizational behavior. Soft skills are often considered as business skills and in present time companies are looking for more and more candidates which have both business and technical skills. So, below are examples of some important business skills.

1. Time Building/Management Skills:

Achieving a goal requires the combined effort of a team. When each individual contributes effectively then the product proceeds fast towards completion. So, building a good team, managing a team smoothly, and working well in the team along with others is the most important factor of teamwork and product development. So the better you are at team building, team management, or teamwork then you are more towards success.

2. Analytical Skills:

When all IT organizations are playing with data and advanced technology every day. So it is very important for each employee of the organization to analyze the challenges and possibilities then utilizing data and technology to achieve organizational advancement. Each professional has to think about his domain or organization as a whole and needs to find out the gap between present and future growth. It requires strong analytical skills to gather, review, and evaluate the data and working accordingly for success.

3. Negotiation Skills:

Negotiation skills aim to work for an organization and get out from it for yourself. Always develop a win-win approach in negotiations with all parties and keep in mind to get the best out of it for yourself. So it requires some formal approach/procedure like pre-preparation, discussion, clarification of goals, negotiations towards a win-win outcome, agreement, implementation of course action, etc to get a positive outcome within differences.

4. Problem-Solving Skills:

When working in a business, problems will come definitely but to face the problem and finding a solution to the problem matter more. So it needs sometimes to think wisely for any solution, to make decisions to handle the problem. Otherwise, the problem will become larger day by day and at last, it will go out of control. So better to identify problems from the beginning, finding solutions individually or with a team to get a solution for that.

5. Financial Management Skills:

Working individually or as a part of a team, for project or product development one needs to understand the overall cost planning for the project because proceeding without project cost is just like ignoring profit. So effectively managing cost in normal or critical situations is required. So forecasting cash flow and sales, as well as, monitoring profit and loss is a must required skill for each individual.

6. Networking Skill:

For IT organizations and IT professionals networking is the most important factor of growth. For an individual building, good relationships in or out of the organization through networking not only provides the support you need also helps to grow the business.

7. Communication Skill:

It’s a general thing when you come out of the comfort zone you need to speak. And in IT organizations communication matters more. Every day each professional needs to communicate with their teams, managers, clients, etc. So better communication results in the best outcome and it includes both verbal and written skills. So to be effective in business good communication skill is a must.

8. Time management Skill:

Time never comes back. Time management is a set of related common sense to use time effectively to be more productive. Starting from your own time sense to be sincere in delivering a project within deadline everything requires time management. So better to manage your time efficiently and to work accordingly not only provides value to your life but also provides value to your business.

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