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5 Most-Recommended Career Fields in Computer Science

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2020
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Indeed, Computer Science is one of the most sought-after and highly growing career fields. And according to the rapidly increasing technological advancements, the industry shows no signs of slowing down in the upcoming times as well. Meanwhile, the Computer Science domain is quite vast and you’re required to explore various domains to pick out the relevant and worthwhile field for yourself. Moreover, you also need to take several other factors such as required skillset, career scope, roles & responsibilities, etc. before getting into any particular field.  

5 Most-Recommended Career Fields in Computer Science

Here, in this article, we’ll let you know about the 5 most recommended career fields in Computer Science along with the respective responsibilities and other specifications of each field.  

1. Development  

In Computer Science, Development is one of the significant and core fields. Meanwhile, there are various career opportunities in this particular field and the salary is also good in this domain. Let see the Development in different areas.

A. Mobile Application development  

In this domain of development, you will focus on developing a mobile application in which you can explore the android programming. In general, if you are interested in developing a mobile application then you can choose this field.


  • In this domain, you’re required to write clean code for mobile applications.
  • You have to support the mobile application development life cycle such as concept, design, test, and deployment phase.
  • You must have problem-solving skills and also need to gather specific requirements for mobile applications and suggest the respective solution.
  • In mobile application development, you’re also required to troubleshoot and debugging process to optimize the performance of mobile applications.
  • You’re also responsible for updating the patch in the mobile application to enhance the user experience.

B. Software development

It is one of the evergreen fields in Computer Science. As a software developer, you’re required to develop software solutions as per the requirement of clients.


  • In this domain, you’ll be responsible for researching, designing, implementing, and managing the software program.
  • It is a more challenging field and your day-to-day task will also include modifying an existing program to enhance the user experience.
  • It is the best field to explore your other skill as well and you can work closely with other teams like UX, testing, etc.
  • You’re required to have a sound knowledge of SDLC (Software Development Life cycle).

C. Web Development

It is one of the development domain in which you can work as a front-end developer, backend developer, etc. As a web developer, you’re required to build optimized and effective websites.


  • In this domain, you’ll be responsible for writing a well-designed, testable, and efficient program.
  • It is an interesting domain and your job also consists of the modification in an existing web, page layout to enhance the user experience.
  • It requires creative skills for designing the layout and your job could be for creating website layout and user interface by using HTML, CSS standard practices.
  • In this domain, you can learn designing skills also by working closely with other teams like designing web layout.

D. IOS development

In this domain, you can work as an IOS developer in which you will be specifically responsible for IOS development. As an IOS developer, you will handle all IOS development-related tasks such as writing and managing programs for new applications.  


  • It is one of the core jobs in IOS development and designing & building mobile applications for the IOS platform will be your end-goal.
  • As an IOS developer, you’re required to work on features of an application with the designing team.
  • Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch are the programming languages which is used for the IOS development.
  • You’ll also be responsible for fixing the application bug before final releases.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are one of the trending fields. In this domain, there is a huge opportunity and it is one of the most-recommended career fields for all Computer Science enthusiasts. 


  • In this field, you’ll work on data science prototyping.
  • It is a challenging field and you’ll focus on designing a machine learning system.
  • In AI/ML, developing a machine learning algorithm is one of the core work in this field.
  • You’ll be responsible for writing the program to train and retrain the system.
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, Advertising recommendation engine, etc. are the perfect example of AI/ML products.

3. DBA (Database Administrator)

In this domain, you’ll be responsible for managing databases. As a DBA, you’ll be required to handling servers, managing & designing databases, and other operations.  


  • Designing the data models
  • Collect the requirements for designing databases
  • Writing queries for the database and execution in the production environment
  • Other related database operations such as troubleshooting, monitoring, etc.

4.Testing and Automation

Testing is one of the most recommended career domains in Computer Science. In this domain, you can make your career as a Manual Tester, Quality Analyst, etc.


  • To test the application for any hardware or software issue.
  • To check product quality whether it is up to standard and following the standard premises.
  • Implementation of various Test scenarios and Test Cases
  • To collaborate with Developers & other staff

5. Research Field

In the area of Research, you can opt to become a research analyst, research scientist, research engineer, etc. You’ll be responsible for various tasks such as writing a thesis on new innovation, requirements gathering for any design problem, etc. in the area of research in computer science.  


  • Solving computational algorithms can be one of the core tasks.
  • Tasks like creating, designing, and implementing the algorithm to solve any computational problem.
  • You’ll be required to write a thesis and publish research papers.
  • Handling research lab activity would be the day-to-day job.


All fields in computer science are interesting & worthwhile but as a fresher, you can choose the development field as the salary in this field is relatively higher and always in high demand. If you generally focus more on academics then you can choose the research field as well and you can do a master’s program to become a research scientist. Moreover, if you want to go for some trending domains you can choose AI/Ml and after graduation, you can enroll for some advanced course in AI/Ml to make a career in it.

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