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Top 10 Computer Vision Trends To Watch in 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic initially tied the hands of businesses and industries, but sooner each sector started taking the turn of a new digital path. Since then, there has been a rapid change in technology and it’s going to expand more in the upcoming time. Although, with the introduction of technologies like computer vision, there’s a significant impact among businesses and it has opened new doors in the world of possibilities. Especially during this transition, when the world is overcoming the sudden break due to the COVID-19 pandemic; now we have major players in the new digital world like AI & ML, Computer Vision, etc.


Now first understand what computer vision is?An ability to read, understand, and derive any meaningful piece of information from any visual representation (image, video, or any other form) with the help of AI can be simply called a Computer Vision. It’s more or less just like humans, besides the fact that how precisely they do perform their actions. Today, computer vision is being used in many industries such as automotive, manufacturing, etc., and it is believed to have a market of approximately USD 49$ Billion by the end of 2022.

So, in this article, we’re going to check out the top 10 computer vision trends for the year 2022. So, let’s get started:

1. Safety and Security

As we all are well aware of the fact that how this pandemic dented the whole economy of which many businesses were forced to shut down while some of them somehow survived. Now, in this recovery phase, to prevent any such outbursts companies have taken their way towards AI, and with the help of which they are managing and monitoring the safety and security of their workforce. Not just this, if you can hop into the market, you may find the latest security cameras with the smart feature of detecting whether the person is wearing a mask or not to maintain hygiene and safety. This pandemic has forced us to adapt to a change and the way we used to see the world, and today many industries are using it as safety and security equipment. 

Companies like Amazon, Nokia, and many more have already started using computer vision technology as a safety and security method for their employee and to ensure a smooth workflow.

2. Virtual Guidance

With the growth in technology, we are now shifting towards a new digital world. Today, there are many industries that are relying upon virtual guidance technology in robotics. Just like human eyes have retina which helps in getting vision likewise, robotics is of no use without visual guidance as they help them to see through it and perform the desired action. This technology is becoming popular day by day in the manufacturing industry and is also helping in controlling labor expenses.  

Some other fascinating features of adopting virtual guidance are:

  • It can help in setting up fully automated operations with less or no human interaction.
  • Computer Vision is now being used for Inventory Management by many firms.

3. Data Annotation

We process images or any visual representation by linking dots right from the retina and it all connects with our brain to picturise, likewise, computers also need to join dots of the audio, or visual representation, and that has become possible with the help of Data Annotation.

The market of data annotation is going to expand more in 2022 and many more years as today with the new adaptation of technologies, many sectors have started implementing data annotation (healthcare, automotive), etc. in their respective field.  

Data Annotation can also be helpful in:

  • Segregating data to clear out junks to form a good meaningful data.
  • Data Annotation is helpful in automating data labeling and future-proofing the workflow.
  • It will gear up the data processing speed with almost zero error.

4. 3D Technology

Today, we have come so far in technology, this might leave you in awe but today we have driverless cars running on the road. Isn’t that amazing, well likewise if we’re stuck in traffic we do check it from Maps to gather information about the traffic. This smooth rich experience of autopilot cars or live integration of traffic in an interactive way has been possible because of Lidar technology which can be found in today’s iPhones.

To provide a new way of diligent look and better-optimized performance, 3D technology is in trend for a while now and we believe that it’s not going to leave anywhere till the next upcoming decade.

5. Prevent Cybercrime

The fear of safety and security has always been a concern in today’s digital world. On one side, we’re trying to automate most of the tasks, there are others who are finding their ways to break the chain and prey for theft.

From the past few years, especially in the banking sector, this has become a concern and since then technology has been working towards making a safe and healthy environment of a digital world so that you feel safe with your sensitive data.

With the introduction of AI & ML, many preventive measures have been taken to. Although, there have been many changes lots of more are underway and will be in trend for computer vision not only for 2022 but also for the upcoming many years.

6. Edge Computing

In computer vision, it becomes crucial to protect data privacy and at the same time to process data at a fast speed in real-time. Whereas, this technology process near data source rather than relying on the cloud network. In the world of AI, we use edge computing to increase the response time of operation at a high bandwidth. Since edge computing does not require a data center, it becomes a positive point when using it when it comes to data privacy. It’s more secure due to its private architecture and becomes difficult for hackers to prey on it. Some of the most prominent benefits of using Edge Computing are:

  • It provides a high processing speed of a large amount of data.
  • Real-time analysis of data so that businesses can take action accordingly.
  • With good processing speed, it helps in connecting to VMS (Video Management System) and cameras, so that any harmful activity can be traced and breaches can be prevented in real-time.

7. Quality Standards

By now, as we’ve already discussed the usage of computer vision and its application throughout different industries. So, when it comes to manufacturing, this technology is being used for a while now to detect and check for quality standards so that the production cycle remains constant. Today, with the massive growth in competition in almost every field, it becomes necessary to produce and offer a well-maintained quality product to end customers, and this is where AI has to be introduced into the market to maintain the smooth flow of QA and reduce the complexity of production.

It is being believed to have this trend not only in 2022 but also for many more years.

8. Detection of Anomaly in Finance

In the past few years, there has been an ‘n’ number of reported incidents of fraudulent activity while processing any transaction. Anomaly, which is also known as outlier detection is part of AI which helps in detecting any disturbance or noise in a network that is unusual.

Apart from banking, it has been adopted by healthcare too. Although it uses certain sets of algorithms that help in preventing any fraudulent activity while making any financial transaction, now with the growth of technology, it has been modified and more security layers have been added to prevent it from any unethical means of trespassing.  

9. Thermal Image Analysis

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology started approaching in different ways and that’s why thermal imaging has become popular in the past few years and it is going to be a hit in 2022 as well.  

With the help of AI, it creates image/video sequences and detects any light emitted object such as humans, animals, or cars. It exists in our world to overcome the drawbacks of 2D inspection and intelligence.  

10. Supply Chain Management

You might not be surprised by the fact that today many things around us have changed and made ease for us. Let’s talk about RFID tags that you find in any superstore or ERP system for resource planning in an organization, they all are labeled beneath the supply chain management system.

This has been made possible because of ease in technology and the latest trends following every year, although they need human eyes for monitoring again most of the parts are getting done in a smooth way. For this workflow to go on a smoother surface, AI is getting better day by day and we hope to get some more fascinating changes in the field of computer vision.


Like we’ve said earlier, the computer vision industry is booming at an immense ratio and will reach a whooping USD $49 Billion by the end of 2022. There’s no denying that the world is changing and with the pace of development and adaptation of new trends, now is the time to look out for something out of the box. Since computer vision is and will be a new future, it is and will be easily acceptable for businesses to work upon and it is also going to hold major stakes in the upcoming future!

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Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2022
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