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Zycus Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2018

ROUND 1: First round was aptitude round, 10 question in 30 minute. Level of difficulty: easy. For each correct answer 2 marks will be awarded and for each wrong one 1 marks will be dedicated.
They had already announced the cut-off for the next round, it was 14.
I solved 9 all of them where correct.
Out of 150+ approx. 70-80 cleared the round 1.

ROUND 2: Written coding round: In this round we have to write code on paper.
There were two section (A and B) we have to solve either of the section in 45minute.
Section A:
Section B: It contain two questions:

ROUND 3: 44 were sort listed for the interview.
My name was called after waiting for the whole night around 7a.m.
Only one interviewer he was very friendly He asked to explain my solution I explained and he looks satisfied. Then he asked me two puzzle.
Puzzle 1: You have two candles. Each burn for 60 minutes. How can you measure 45 minutes using this?
Puzzle 2: (data was different)
Then he asked me three coding question one by one and also I have to code them on paper.

Q1: Two array of size n and n+m. First array is completely filled and sorted, Second array is containing m element in sorted order. Now the question is to sort the second array such that it will contain the element of first array with the following condition.
1. 2nd array should remain sorted always.
2. Can’t use any auxiliary array.
3. Can’t use any shorting algorithm (like copy the element in 2nd array then sort it).
I solved it in second attempt.

Q2: There is an array (1-D) of size 2m containing some random number and there is also a 2-D array of size m*m you have to fill the 2-D array in following manner.
1st represent the first element of 1-D array.

Q3: There are two string, first string containing character and two special (* and _) e.g.: qw*ty_bc
Second string contain only character e.g.: qwertyabc
Now you have to check if the string is valid or not where ‘_’ can replace only one character and * can replace more than one character. In above example string is valid.
Last question was easy although I missed some edge cases which was pointed by my interviewer.

H.R Round:
Normal HR talk

Thank you G4G.

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